Scal Sent Back Home

Via the Herald’s Steve Bulpett:

The Celtics are sending Brian Scalabrine back to Boston for tests after he strained his neck in the win over the Nuggets in Denver last night.

GM Danny Ainge said the latest problem does not appear to be related to his two recent concussions and that Scalabrine felt fine last night and when the team arrived in Los Angeles. But the club is taking no chances.

I’m still in shock over the fact that Scal stayed in the game after getting knocked out. Make no mistake about it, he was out for second when he fell to floor. I don’t understand how the doctors/trainers let him play. Or how come none of his teammates waved them off the bench.


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  1. Safe move-poor dude had 2 concussions last week or so and now another injury in head/neck area. Doc-PLEASE give Billy Walker some good burn against the Clippers

  2. 100% agree. Scal fell to the floor completely limp. It was absolutely clear he had been knocked out. I was shocked not one person (teammates, refs, medical staff, announcers) noticed it. I was equally shocked that he got right up, but even then he was obviously dazed. I’m actually upset over how something so obvious and also so serious could be so poorly handled by everyone involved.

    Speaking of hard Denver fouls, why is no one talking about the thug plays from Kenyon Martin and Anthony Carter? KM body checks (without an attempt at the ball) Ray right into the photographers. The refs rightfully called a flagrant one, but then AC just runs right into Ray’s chest full speed after the ball is released. No call. Ray took exception, which he rarely does. I hope the league takes a look at all 3 assaults carefully.

    But I doubt anything will come of it. This is how everyone is allowed to play the Celtics recently. Rondo goes baseline multiple times, routinely bumped, even out of bounds, never a call. Pierce, he who is always tops in the league in trips to the line, drives, drives, drives, gets hit over and over and somehow only takes two free throws all game. The officiating in this league SUCKS! I can’t exclaim that point enough.

  3. Could not agree more with you Jason. And it’s not just bad for the Cs… every team suffers, and as pointed out earlier, it’s dangerous for the players.

    As for Scal, he’s just very lucky he didn’t get hit in the head again after his fall… he could have, literally, died.

    I have to wonder why the Celtics insist on calling this a neck injury. Makes me question even more some of their other pronouncements… like the one about KG suffering “muscle strain” when it was clear that nothing happened to cause it, etc.

  4. Time for other teams to feel the weight of Big Baby on their a$$ if they keep taking cheap shots

  5. Is there any video from Scal’s collision last night?

  6. Bill-if you have Comcast for your cable provider you can go to ComcastSportsNet “OnDemand” and see the whole game-you can fast-forward, pause, etc…

  7. BTW Jason, Olandis Poole reffed last night. I have seen him a few times this year on tv and in person, and he is absolutely HORRIBLE. Here’s a site that will let you vent-cool t-shirts too:

  8. Here ya go. Bad quality, but you can see what happened well enough:

  9. I see what you guys are saying. Man that looks bad.

  10. Can you really pick just one? Dick Bavetta is awful; he refs as if he is the entertainment, that fans paid money to see him blow his whistle and gyrate around the court. Absolutely shameful. I think he gets off thinking he made a clever call, like he saw something no one else did, when he probably just hallucinated about tapioca or napping. I shudder when I see he’s assigned to a game. Joey Crawford isn’t much better, a reda$$ control-freak more interested in showing he’s the boss than calling a fair game. Violette whatever, I can’t even describe her incompetence. Those are just some of them who have been so bad (and allowed to keep their jobs long enough, somehow) that I know their names. So many more deserve criticism, too. BTW, let me just say my most want-to-throw-my-laptop-through-my-HDTV moments are those when a ref from behind the play calls the foul. For example, say a player reaches in, but that player is actually between the ref and the other player he’s trying to strip. HOW THE F CAN YOU CALL ANYTHING THERE?!?! You can’t see sh!t. You’ve got two other refs seeing it at two other, better angles. Go F yourself with the PA mike for blowing your whistle there.

  11. .. you are ranting to the ranters. I’ve nearly abandoned following the NBA several times over the refs… it’s by far the worst professional sports league when it comes to that. The only thing that has kept me interested is the Celtics team. When the current team configuration breaks up, I’m gone (unless by some miracle they add a lot more video into the reffing, which looks like it will never happen.)

  12. Anyone heard if Marbury mtg has ended yet..?

  13. No word yet

  14. If all goes well with the physical Moore should make his debut tomorrow night at LAC and Scal back to Boston to rest.

    Honestly I watched Scal fall but I didn’t realized he was knocked out for a second. He sure played it off well. Scal bounced back up and hit two free throws. Hope its not his head again. It could be career ending stuff.

    Article from B.H.

  15. I watched the replay again – Scal was knocked out for sec’, F’in scary. Looked like he blacked out after the hit. Damn!

    Here is some Mikki Moore Defensive clips from his NJ days.

    Got Defense? Thirst for Moore D’? Few highlight clips of him blocking shots – If you think about it Moore could become a guy Rondo can Alley Hooooooop with… Your thoughts…

    Fsantos33 – February 24, 2009 at 5:51 pm

  16. Terrible is it scal can’t play with some idiot oaf knocking him in the head?

    kobethong- dont get to excited about Marbury coming here, hes not, and thats a good thing

  17. wow, i was wrong about marbury..looks like he just might come here…i dont know what to think of it

  18. time to hold our noses and hope marbury keeps his mouth shut and plays hard. i trust kg will keep him in line.

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