Might As Well Embrace It

So it looks like Stephon Marbury is joining the Celtics… whether some fans like it or not.  And like Chuck with Barack Obama… you’ve got no choice but to embrace it now and hope he succeeds (you heard me, Rush… you fat, blowhard, vicodin addict).

So sit back and enjoy Steph in his better days… and hope he can recreate some of it here in Boston.


22 Responses

  1. Finally some sound thought..Number 6 is nasty-the crossover on a young Kobe. I was thinking it’s too bad that we don’t go back to MSG this year. That would be intense…

  2. Couldn’t have said it better John. I was heavily opposed to the move, but now its a done deal so lets just move forward and welcome Stephon to the family.

    It’s kinda like getting a new step-dad…. but you still have your real dad.

  3. Well if there is one person who can keep him under control and not ruin the chemistry of the team it is KG. I will rest my hopes on that

  4. Marbury haters make it sound like the guy sucks at basketball and he infects everyone he’s around. But this guy can flat out play. I think we’re gonna see this bench get a whole lot better real quick.

  5. Wow…a spectacular talent. Really is a shame that he’s such a moron.

  6. It is not being a Marbury “hater” it is a question of his character based on numerous factual evidence. Talent is a dangerous aphrodisiac, but if the person does not put commitment to winning and being part of a team as a priority it is wasted.


  7. I know nothing about the Marbury incidents, so I could be way off here. But I think “Marbury”-type incidents happen to most of us at one time or another. Ever have a douchebag coach or a douchebag boss that you couldn’t work with? I know I have. The more I hear about Marbury, the more I think that he was paired with some people and they didn’t get along and couldn’t work together. But I think there’s still hope for a Randy Moss-type turnaround for him, provided he has the right incentives. Hopefully he finds those incentives in Boston.

  8. before last year, people didn’t think too highly of Paul Pierce either.

    The nightclub incidents.

    The “bandaged ear” incident.

    Some of his questionable behavior and statements in interviews…

    everybody can be painted as the bad guy, or mistreated by their employer.

  9. The bottom line is, if hes coming that means the big 3 want him here..so we should all be happy to get this talent

  10. Also – the Knicks are on 3.5 games back of the 8th spot. We could potentially see them again in the playoffs.

    that would be REALLY interesting.

  11. thetitleisours, how many times are you going to post that link to that article?

    We should all judge Marbury once he starts playing or how he behaves in the Celtics team. I swear… if he does come to be a player that performs amazingly well, most of you will have your mouths slammed shut.

    Give him a chance. Please.

    Welcome to the family, Marbury.

  12. Good point if the big 3 want him then they ain’t taking no crap!

  13. First time he does ANY of those things in green, I can see the whole bench applauding. Same for Mikki. Let’s hope.

  14. I have no choice but to give him a chance and hope that KG and company keep his ego in check and make him play team ball.

    I keep posting that article when I see comments like “Marbury haters” and comments ignoring his past.

    This guy has a huge rap sheet of bad behavior. I just want to make sure people know what we are buying. Like Carfax. ;-)

    But I think some are missing my point like the one comparing him to Paul Pierce. I am not looking for choir boys. I think PP ALWAYS had the desire to win, even when early he was getting in trouble. I am just not that confident about Marbury based on what I have seen.

    Believe me, I really do hope I am wrong. I DO NOT want the Laker’s to have the last laugh after the crap they have given us this year. Time will tell if we will pay the price ignoring character. But I will be the first person to cheer if Marbury becomes a team player and puts his ego in check.

    But his incidences like the ones mentioned in the Isaiah Thomas trial leave me questioning this move. Not only for how it will effect the chemistry but for the image of the Celtics. But I have read some good comments that have eased some of my anxiety, if you will and give me some optimism

    I hope you guys are right and i am wrong

  15. If Marbury causes any controversy, The Big 3 will just slap some common sense into him OR just cut him out entirely.

    I understand why you are worrying about Marbury’s behavior, but you need to understand that we are not losing anything. If Marbury acts up and we cut him out, we still have an amazing team. If Marbury plays as a team player, Celtics will be a much better team.

    Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. I don’t think Marbury would cause any controversy anyways because if he continues his bullshit, his career is over.

  16. If he adds spark, great. If they cut him, oh well at least they tried.

    In the end, I’m getting the green pair of starburys when they are launched

  17. Bill has pretty much summed it up: When you think of Marbury, first things that come to mind are:

    1. Forcing the trade out of Minnesota. He was a 21 year old big city kid playing in the middle of nowhere (Minnesota) with Superagent David Falk yapping in his ear. Was he naive, sure, but he’s not the first athlete who has wanted out of Minnesota.

    2. The spats with Larry Brown. Who hasn’t butted heads with Larry Brown. Next.

    3. D’Antoni placing him on the inactive list “to avoid embarrassing him with limited playing time.” He alienated Marbury the moment he arrived in NY. Then barred Steph from even practicing when he didn’t respond well to it.

    If you think about it, there are actually quite a few similarities with Marbury and Moss coming to Boston.

    Both came to Boston from dysfunctional franchises for next to nothing. Both played in Minnesota. Both made boneheaded mistakes (Moss w/ the weed, hitting the traffic cop and running, etc.; Marbury with everything since he’s the “devil”). And both Boston teams had(/have) great veteran leadership (Brady vs. Big Three).

    We do not need Steph to be the man, he’s needed for depth. And how can he contribute any less than Cassell? This is an upgrade…

    And oh by the way, Fox Sports Channel had a special on Stephon Marbury way back and he said one of his biggest regrets was not staying in Minnesota to win a championship with KG. Now he has his shot.

  18. remember the Head Alien from the “MARS ATTACKS” movie?


  19. huh? i am a fat, blowhard, vicodin addict?
    just for that, i aint roundin’ up your usual dies-y-sais concubines in your next trip to manila. HAH!!!!

    btw…let’s go celts!

  20. For some reason, the concept of getting Starbury makes me feel kinda dirty somehow, maybe inadequate.

  21. Holy Sh*t zippity, I just watched that movie the other day they could definetely be related. “MARSBURY ATTACKS”.

  22. […] up in the post earlier this week titled “Might As Well Embrace It” So it looks like Stephon Marbury is joining the Celtics… whether some fans like it or not.  And […]

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