Moore Available Tonight

Marc J. Spears reports

The Celtics worked on offensive and defensive plays with the 33-year-old 10-year veteran after the shootaround ended.

“I just feel like I can help this team a lot and feed off their energy,” said Moore, who signed with the Celtics yesterday after clearing waivers. He was let go by the Kings last Thursday.

Ray also talks about Stephon.

“Stephon has been an extraordinary talent over his career,” Allen said. “He can help us. It will be interesting when he gets here.”


9 Responses

  1. Is anyone else extremely excited for this game? I definitely want to see how Moore plays with the Celtics. The wait is killing me!

  2. I’m fired up too, playing the clips is great for team morale!!!

  3. Alex and Aingelives you guys aren’t the only one’s – I’ve been excited for the last two days.

    Scal is still out so I think Powe will start in place of KG and Moore should come in by 2nd quarter. Moore is versatile he can even back up Perk.

    Can’t wait to see Marbury

    Go Celtics

  4. Alex- Just dont be to down if you dont see much from Moore tonight…remember PJ brown did nothing for us when he first joined, he actually looked like a liability on the court at first.

    I am excited to see Moore in green, but am not expecting much from him tonight..just sucks the game doesnt start til 10 on the east…booo

  5. Actually 10:30pm Baron. I’m excited too guys. It’s an exciting time to be a Celtics fan. I remember about 2 years ago or so we were praying for a frickin’ ping-pong ball to drop our way in June-I’d say if the Marbury thing is our biggest worry, we’re doing pretty good. I’m going to the game Sunday. I know Marbury probably won’t be ready to play by then (if we sign him) but hopefully he’ll be on the bench and get introduced to the fans…

  6. Don’t worry, I’m not expecting much from him. But I dunno, I just get this warm feeling inside whenever I see new players playing with as a Celtic. Haha. I must be crazy. x]

  7. Don’t worry,you’re not crazy Alex-just a C’s fan!

  8. Oh man kobewapt – You got Marbury’s Icon already wow – lol

  9. Yeah…all in good fun! heh heh! You know us Boston fans Santos, obsessive to the max! Looks like MM is going to check-in after this timeout…

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