One Last Push Out West

46-12 @ 14-43
Wednesday, February 25, 2009
10:30 pm ET
Staples Center (Los Angeles, CA)

After two and a half weeks of away-from-home battles, the Celtics will wrap up this west coast trip tonight at the Staples Center. Now, don’t get too excited; this isn’t round three vs. the Lakers. Instead, it’ll be the first meeting with the often-forgotten LA club, the Clippers. You know, the franchise that produces a smile-and-head-shake reaction following the mere citation of its name.

This year is no different, as the Clips come into tonight’s contest with the league’s fourth-worst record (14-43) along with the least amount of home wins (7). To put it lightly, they have failed to live up to pre-season expectations, both internally and externally. To be fair, Mike Dunleavy’s group has experienced a plethora of injuries to just about every key player in the lineup this season. Chris Kaman leads the way with 42 games missed, followed by ex-Celtic Ricky Davis (24), Zach Randolph (21), Baron Davis (14), and Marcus Camby (13).

Brian Scalabrine joins Tony Allen and Kevin Garnett on Boston’s injured list, as he flew back home following the neck strain he attained in Monday night’s win in Denver. Fortunately, newest-Celtic Mikki Moore has officially signed with the team and will be among the 11 Celtics in uniform tonight.

Projected Starters

Team Leaders
PPG: Paul Pierce (20.1)
RPG: Kevin Garnett (8.8)
APG: Rajon Rondo (8.4)
SPG: Rajon Rondo (2.0)
BPG: Kendrick Perkins (1.7)

Projected Starters

Team Leaders
PPG: Zach Randolph (22.1)
RPG: Marcus Camby (12.6)
APG: Baron Davis (8.0)
SPG: Baron Davis (1.8)
BPG: Marcus Camby (2.4)

Key Matchup

Injury Report
Kevin Garnett (posterior muscle strain – out)
Tony Allen (thumb surgery – out)
Brian Scalabrine (strained neck – out)
Chris Kaman (strained arch in left foot – out)
Al Thornton (sore right foot – doubtful)

Keys to Victory

  • Control the Glass
  • Limit Turnovers
  • Bench Boost

57 Responses

  1. Who’s CelticBalla32? Did Chuck get replaced, or did I miss the post introducing us to the new guy?

  2. Damn.. the preview makes me orgasm everytime I look at it.

  3. Anyone else gonna be at the game tonight?

  4. Bill – CelticBalla32 is the Army’s new employee (I guess we can start calling them the Army’s Big 3 John, Chuck, & Balla)

    Anybody here remembers the buzzer beater Baron drained on us when he played for the Warriors last year? Well, I surely remember it clearly.

    C’s by 20

  5. Balla has come aboard to handle the game previews.

  6. Great preview, even better scouting report earlier today. Let’s see what Mikki can do against the poor man’s lakers.

    Go celtics

  7. Let’s crank the freak switch to eleven and GET IT ON!

  8. Oh, I miss that JTB.

  9. Yeah… it was a heck of a lot easier to gamethread back at The Forum.


  10. This game has trap written all over it

  11. Rondo needs to get more involved on the game

  12. *in

  13. I am with you there G4L – We are running our offense differently to start the game.

  14. Who is watching it on NBA Pass? Mike Smith the former Celtic is one of the Clipper announcers. He was giving C’s props all the time and the other guy was getting pissed off. LOL

  15. Line of the night.. “Man I wouldn’t want to play that guy in a game of horse” Donny Marshall

  16. 1st half a little slow but I think were coming around I think the clippers intro film put everyone to sleep pretty lame.

  17. Ok, which team has the stupidest, worst announcers in the entire NBA? I vote for the Clippers. Those guys are driving me nuts, they’re so ridiculous. You know, they spent 1/2 of the entire 2nd quarter “interviewing” Sam Cassell, there as a spectator, WITH THE CAMERA ON SAM MOST OF THE TIME. While the game was going on! Un-be-lievable.

    They’re like Abbott and Costello. One guy says “Why doesn’t Mikki Moore wear #33, that’s always been his number?” The other guy pauses, says “Well, maybe that number’s not available in Boston.” DUH. Ya think?

  18. DRJ, what part of the country do you live in..? I’m assuming not NewEngland if you need LeaguePass…

  19. Exactly and dude kept calling Paul Pierce – Ricky Pierce. Wow

  20. I have heard louder crowds at High School games.

  21. Rondo’s played well since he started wearing that good-luck charm/shooting sleeve. They are KILLING us in the paint.

  22. Pauls coming back with tape on his finger hope his fingers ok.

  23. Just dislocated it. Good thing
    Moore’s in uni-all our bigs have 4 fouls apiece. Damn these turnovers man.

  24. Ok 4th quarter..time for P-Dub to take over…

  25. Great pass from ray for leons dunk i think we finaly woke up.

  26. Glen Davis should of stuck with Football, he could of been one heck of a tight end.

  27. Anyone else a little nervous about this one.

  28. As I said a while ago Rodger..last game on a long road trip vs a bad team= trap game. We’ll pull it out though. Ray will hit a big shot, or Pierce will-or Pierce will get fouled going to the hole. Turnovers are the story here though-that and that bad call against Baby on Rondo’s missed free-throw.

  29. that loss sucks!

  30. Screwed by the officials again.
    How do you get a time out and possesion of the ball when you dont have the ball.

  31. more turnovers

    how was that not a foul on ricky davis on that last play

  32. FFFFUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKing trap. Game ends fittingly enough with a what….??? TURNOVER. Hope you liked the gift Clips. We HAVE to cut down these TO’s before May. Please Doc, Thibs, Armond, figure it out.

  33. Theres 5 second left pick the ball up and pass it he let it roll too long rondo terrible last play.

  34. bene salvatore is flat blew the game. Im sorry, he blew it. that was terrible. he blew the finals, when dwayne wade and the miami salvatore’s won the championship that year. Wonder how much money he won on tonights game

  35. [sarcasm]Great timeout call by the Clippers at ~49 seconds left[/sarcasm]

    I love how they showed Doc yell at the grey haired ref that they didn’t have possession, how could they call a timeout, who then proceeds to conference with the other refs and come back and tell Doc “my bad.” Ya think?

    It was a sloppy game from the start though.

  36. Just want to say this if the the Lakers trolls come in…Lakers lost to Sacramento and Charlotte this year so keep that in mind Laker trolls who want to rag on the Celtics losing tonight.

  37. Pierce has sucked since the All star Break

  38. This game was an overall disappointment.

    Celtics definitely didn’t take the Clippers seriously at all and the refs… well I’m not going to begin ranting on the refs because I’ve done enough of that already.

    What a bad way to welcome Mikki in the team.

  39. yeah but did kobe cry like a little bitch like peirce did

  40. Well, Boston lost to Charlotte, too so :/

    I don’t understand how the Celtics lost this game.

  41. Lol where’s that smile and head shake now buddies ; )

  42. I hope that bad call dosent affect them like the one were portland had 6 players on the court we got screwed then the nba changed the rules to where that basket woudnt have counted.
    3 more made free throws would have been nice

  43. – Refs were insane in this game. Par for the course lately.
    – Celtics deserved to lose. Such a comedy of errors… it was unbelievable. Missed free throws by everybody in the 4th quarter, Perk fouling left and right just, it seemed, to give the ball away, 5 second violation on the inbound pass, and of course, that last play by Rondo. Wow, we were bad and we deserved to lose this one (…even if we had won.)
    – Mikki Moore… couple of good shots. But in the battle between the Sacramento writer who said he has “hands of stone” and Danny Ainge who said he has “great hands”… uh… they looked pretty stony to me. He also fouled-for-3-point-plays twice. And got lost on defense. The D will improve, but probably not his hands.
    – Very ugly game.

  44. purplethong– i’m in LA (of all places, huh).

  45. These guys need to spend extra time at the free throw line in practice. These are free points with nobody gaurding them. Make them please!

  46. lakers all the way.
    Are you kidding me show me a game were kobe dosent cry him and lebron are the two biggest complainers since michael jordan and he was davids favorite.
    But now its kobe and lebron who david loves just look at the nba commercial they show all the time of kobe and lebron a little biased dont you think.


  48. yeah, kobe didn’t cry like a little bitch when he injured his finger. but he did raped a bitch.

  49. Lakers troll if you want people to agree with what you have to say it is not a smart idea to go to a Celtics site to get people to agree with you. Go spew your dislike on a Lakers board if that is what you want.

  50. Stop fighting about Kobe. We sucked, we missed a million free throws, had 20 turnovers, and generally stunk up the place. Screw Kobe… we got problems to solve.

  51. Turnovers turnovers turnover……FUCK!!! No one to blame but our own team. Your not going to win close games with 20+ turnovers. Just another game we gave away.

  52. How was Pierce crying? He looked like he was squinting in PAIN rather than crying.

    By the way, it’s not like Pierce experienced the same exact injury that Kobe had with his finger, you numbnuts.

  53. First complete Clippers game I’ve watched this season. I really expected more from them this year. Too many injuries.

  54. Of course PP wasn’t friggin crying. That got started by the Clippers announcers… who were probably the only 2 people in the building doing their job worse than the Celtics in the 4th.

  55. I know what it means but your wrong kobes the biggest pussy in the leauge.
    He’s a whiney little bitch just like lebron.

  56. Just another 12 year old kid/troll with the capslock on…It’s about 10pm in LA so his mommy probably just made him turn his Fisher-Price My 1st laptop off. It was the turnovers and points in the paint-we gave the Clips this one. DRJ, I was curious-I give you alot of credit for repping the Celts in the Land of The Trolls. I wonder if there’s anywhere you can get feeds of Celtics home channel (CSN) on the web. Gotta crash-2am on EastCoast. Peace CelticsNation…

  57. Those anouncers were terrible, almost as bad as the nuggets guys, the one guy said fasten your seatbelts 6 times in the final minute

    the good news is that im going ti be an NBA color analyst or play by play guy for one of these franchises, thats one job where apparently you dont need an talent whatsoever; i mean 80% of the guys are complete trash it is totally mindboggling to me

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