Steph Needs a Number


We’ve already given him #55 but who knows which digit Stephon Marbury will ask for once he officially signs with the Celtics. Marbury has worn 3 and 33 for his entire career. However, we all know those numbers have been retired to the rafters.

SimonOnSports has some almost-funny suggestions for Mr. Marbury. I clipped a few and put them after the jump.


10 Responses

  1. Hahaha….I’m loving the Black Bird one. Hilarious.

  2. Me!! Now THAT’s funny. Hopefully he doesn’t so anything ridiculous like Artest with 96 (QB-Queensbridge). I can’t think of any numbers that look like CI (Coney Island) though. Maybe he’ll do 6, for 3+3. My $ is on 6 or 1. Maybe a contest Red’s…?

  3. sience 6 is at the rafters how about 666?

  4. Bill Russell wouldn’t like that very much.

  5. He’ll probably pick 69.

  6. Kobe…how do you get that icon in the box?

  7. Can’t believe I forgot about 6..I f’ed that one up big time. Forgive me Bill. Scott-go to and select “Sign Up”. Then choose “Just a username” and follow the instructions. It’s pretty simple..

  8. I just hope Stephon doesn’t take #30. That number has haunted the Celtics for a while now. First Len Bias, Mark Blount, then Sebastian Telfair. Even M.L. Carr wore #30 as a player, and his coaching days were some of the darkest moments in recent Celtic memory.

    If Marbury takes 30, I’ll be disappointed and worried.

  9. go with # 88, 72, 66 etc..

  10. If he selects 30 it would definitely feel like an omen. Isn’t the number 1 retired also? I thought it was retired in the 60s for the first owner.

    Seems like 30 might be the number.

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