Lakers React To Marbury

Lamar Odom and Derek Fisher were asked by the LA Times about the impending Marbury signing.  I was hoping they would rip their jerseys off and cry “IT’S NOT FAIR… IT’S NOT FAIR!!!”… but they pretty much gave canned answers.

Also out there:  The latest round of blogger MVP/ROY rankings are out.  And Hardwood Houdini sings Rondo’s praises.


8 Responses

  1. As much as I hate the Fakers, Odom has stepped up his game this year. Getting a weapon/scoring threat like Marbury would be great to counter. This year’s accomplishments will be much more appreciated with all the adversity this team has been through and will have gone through come the end of the season…

  2. They should have asked Sasha Vagachick; then the tears would flow

  3. They should have asked Sasha Vagi-itch, then the puss would flow

  4. Here’s a funny quote from basketbawful:
    So can we all just agree that The Marbury Effect goes beyond basketball and is bordering on the supernatural? The last time everybody started talking about Marbury becoming a Celtic, the team lost seven times in nine games. Now they’re losing to the Clippers while stars are getting injured and a petty roleplayer is acting the fool. Starbury is walking chaos, a shadow of doom to everything he touches…nay, everything he looks at or is even associated with in passing. If Danny Ainge signs him, this season will not end well for the Celtics. Mark my words.

  5. As much as I don’t want Marbury to wear green, he’s really our only option for adding some scoring to our lineup. He gives us some hope for getting the best record in the league and securing homecourt for the playoffs. The way it looks now, we wont be getting homecourt advantage in the semi’s or finals. Hope he gels quickly.

    I hate the Flakers, and when they beat the C’s Im pissed for days. But losing to the Clippers last nite is actually more upsetting.

  6. Sorry, I just don’t buy all the Marbury supernatural superstition stuff. It’s fun conspiracy stuff to write and read, but that’s all. I don’t like the guy, but we really have no choice but to take him. There is no one else who can help us right now, other than Joe Smith, who now sounds like he wants to stay in OKC. Despite Ainge’s optimism, we CANNOT win it all with our light bench as it is. Adding Moore and Marbury is certainly no guarantee, especially with Marbury’s oft-cited troubles. But right now it is the best chance we have. He’s worth a try. Our team can weather any distractions he might throw in there. And if we need to, we’ll cut him.
    The risk of standing pat outweighs the risk of Marbury.

  7. Why are the lakers beat writers so fucking queer and constantly talking about celtics this, celtics that….the lakers players must get seriously annoyed, but to odom and fishers credit they didnt say anything negative..all in all who gives a shit what they think though

  8. Maybe they should have asked Sasha Vujacic why is he such a queer.

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