Marbury Era Will Begin Friday

The NY Times reports Marbury is scheduled to meet reporters in Boston tomorrow morning, and he’ll be in uniform for the Pacers game.

“The great thing is that they want me to play with them,” Marbury said at his home in Purchase, N.Y. He added that he had already met with some of his new teammates…

Asked about his role with the Celtics, presumably to back up guard Rajon Rondo, Marbury said, “I’ll just let my game speak for itself.”

(thanks to Wiggs for the link)

Meanwhile, Ball Don’t Lie’s Kelly Dwyer brings up the one point that few of us have talked about… all of his time away from the game.

What I am interested in is the fact that Marbury hasn’t really played much NBA basketball for the last 22 months or so. And even when he played, for a Knicks team trying to make the playoffs in the 2006-07 season, Marbury was decidedly average.

Now, that was two years ago. Marbury was 30 then and 32 now, and average guards who depend on their legs at 30 tend to not play all that well at 32. Throw in Stephon’s career-long ankle and knee issues, and it’s possible that the Celtics could be signing one of the least-productive free agents available.

But that’s not what we need him for… and Dwyer goes on to touch on that point later in the article.  We’re not asking Marbury to run the show in Boston.  We’re asking Marbury to not turn the ball over, make the right pass, and maybe score a few points.  We don’t need “Starbury” in Boston… we just want someone who can hold the fort down while Rajon gets a break, and that allows Eddie House to play his natural (and more dangerous) position.


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  1. I agree with the point about him not having had any burn in a longggg time. I would think similar to what happened w/PJ last year (even though PJ is a different type of player) Marbury won’t play right away. He would need time to get in “game-shape.” It is exciting though. I was there last year when they introduced PJ to the crowd even though he was still in street clothes-people went nuts. That’s how we are here in Beantown. All people care about is that Marbury plays well, hustles and hits shots that he should. If he can do that, people will love him. I would personally love to see the guy do well and silence some of his critics, and for the obvious reason of helping us hang Banner 18 next October….

  2. They still have not found a replacement for TA/Posey. Either they expect to be OK for now and have TA back for the playoffs and live with that, or will attempt to give Walker/Giddens more opportunity. I guess the former

  3. “I’ll just let my game speak for myself”??????
    Is this not a terrible sign?

  4. But what if… god forbid… Rajon goes down? The other function of a backup PG is to fill in when something bad happens. Let us just hope it never comes to that, because if it does… well… that would be the fat lady singing.

  5. Kareem- I think that quote is a godsend, it means he’s gonna play his role. At the least, he’s making an effort to not cause any trouble with the media. A terrible sign would have been if he said he was the best pg in the league and is going to prove it to the world…

    DRJ- While that article makes a valid point (Yes we know, Marbury is 8 months older than Pierce), the other side of the coin is that he’s had that much LESS wear on his ankles and knees. Meaning he may be more fresh (fresher?) than any other free agent available.

    Sam I Am was 39…..I fail to see the problem there.

  6. What article?

  7. article/blurb/editorial whatever- the link from Ball’s Don’t Lie.

  8. Kareem, that was my 1st reaction too. Does he think that if he plays awesome he’ll somehow get a chance to start? It’d be nice if he said something like “I know Rondo’s the starter here and ___(whatever team concept cliche line you want).” However, I’m sure any skepticism he may have (which may not be any) over Rondo’s skills will disappear when Rajon repeatedly schools him in practice.
    On a side note, I think the simple act of a crowd cheering for him again could do wonders for his psyche.
    This concludes my attempts to decipher the mind of Stephon Marbury.

  9. ” I’ll just let my play speak for itself.”
    If he comes in and fucks up Rondo’s season, which, by extension, will fuck up the Celtic’s season, I will literally go down to Boston and punch Danny Ainge in the face for taking this dumbass, uneccessary risk. I’ve been skeptical about this, and I tried looking at it from a positive side, but this quote shows me that Marbury is still a douche. Remember when Sam Cassell came in last year? He said something like, “This is Rondo’s team, I know my role as the backup.” Why the fuck couldn’t this retard Marbury say something like that?

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