Pierce X-rays Negative

Via the Associated Press:

X-rays on Paul Pierce’s dislocated right thumb have come back negative, and the Celtics captain is hoping the injury won’t be a long-term problem.

Pierce dislocated the thumb twice in last night’s 93-91 loss to the Clippers in Los Angeles—once in the third quarter and again in the fourth.

Pierce said after the game that the thumb was “definitely sore,“ but also described it as “manageable.“ He finished the game with 20 points but was only 7-19 from the field.

The Clippers were hacking the shit out of the Truth last night. The hacking only got worse after the thumb was dislocated the first time. But all’s fair in love and war and the NBA.


8 Responses

  1. Bunch of hackers those Clips. Good news about P-Dub. I could see if the Clips were a division rival or possibly fighting the C’s for a playoff spot and wanted P2 injured, but that was just ridiculous. I guess I can see why such a crappy team would be vindictive. And to think, Baron Davis was psyched to go back to L.A. Poor bastard….

  2. Doc should have taken him out after they kept hacking at his thumb. No reason Rondo/Ray/Perk + BBD/Walker should not have been able to get the job done against the Clips. With Pierce out they might have been forced into actually moving the ball. In the Denver game, he had Ray playing SF in garbage time with Walker on the bench.
    I don’t understand Doc, its like he doesn’t trust the bench players so he plays the starters heavy minutes but then he goes and plays 4/5 bench players at the same time .

  3. Good news. I hope Doc sits PP out for 1 or 2 games though.

  4. Maybe all the big three will finally get some rest. Not the way you want to do it though. I hope PP has enough gas left for the playoffs

  5. Why wouldnt pierce have enough gas left for the playoffs? sometimes I think fans are way over thinking things…give me a break.
    As far as the thumb injury, I just dont understand how you can disloacate the thing a 2nd time by swarming and hacking him and theres no foul called, but obviously there was contact….testament to how all our games have been called lately, the other team can hack away and we cant breathe

  6. Paul Pierce has already publicly stated that they are in danger of burning out from too many minutes. Check out the previous blog entries

  7. who was the guy on the Lakers that didn’t cry or miss any games when this happened to him?

  8. The highlight of that game was the Clippers announcer when Pierce got injured.

    As Pierce was running off the court the Clippers announcer said, “When Kobe Bryant injured his finger, I don’t remember him crying like this”.


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