Pruitt Apologizes

Gabe Pruitt is apologizing for drinking and driving.

“I sincerely apologize for my actions which have caused unnecessary embarrassment to my family, my team and the Celtics organization,” Pruitt said in a statement issued by the team. “I used poor judgment and I am really disappointed in myself.”

“I understand what an extraordinary opportunity it is to play in the NBA and how fortunate I am to be a member of the Celtics,” Pruitt said in the statement. “I am sorry to my team, my family, the fans and everyone who believes in me. I made a mistake and I have learned a valuable lesson.”

I’ll just say it for the record:  this was obviously a very dumb thing to do.  Step one to making up for it, though, is being a man and apologizing.  He has done that.  Next, he’s got to accept his punishment, which I’m sure won’t be very tough since it’s a first offense and he’s stepping up.

I wonder how the Celtics will punish him.


25 Responses

  1. Alright..way to man up. Yeah I wonder what AInge/Wyc/Doc will do..if anything. I would think at least a fine…???

  2. Good to hear words like that. My opinion of him so far is he is a good kid who made a mistake and will learn from it. Not continue to make mistakes. Some other guys get too many chances.

    Maybe this will help him mature in every sense on and off the court. Sometimes mistakes can be our best teacher

    Come back Gabe and show em’!

  3. what was he doing in LA @ 3:00 am anyways?? Weren’t they suppossed to be in the plain , heading back home after the game???

  4. Houstons trying to help us they’ve held cleveland to 11 points in the first quarter.Winning 19- 11

  5. The team stayed in LA last night and flew home this afternoon.

  6. his punishment is that all of his playing minutes will go to stephon for the rest of the season and playoffs

  7. Rodger-Artest and Battier have shut The King down so far. Speaking of The King, this is going to be a great week. Marbury going back to Jersey on Wednesday, Detroit in town Sunday (Marbury debut..?) nationally televised showdown w/Cavs next Friday with a possible KG return..yeah baby!

  8. Ben Wallace-broken fibula-out indefinitely..

  9. Thank you houston

  10. Amen…

  11. Yo, check out stephon marburys video statement from today

  12. Baron..thanks-that was awesome. He actually sounds genuine. REDSARMY-you guys HAVE to post this clip….

  13. I think the starbury video deserves its own post.

    “Boston… here I come”

  14. Sounds absolutely genuine to me. He sounds ready to fit in. This will be fascinating to watch unfold, whatever happens. Total theater. Here’s the clean link (without the forums part):

  15. I’m pulling my Da Kids poster out of the closet:

    I am genuinely excited about this

  16. The Lakers were just SCAREY good tonight. One of the best NBA game I’ve seen.

  17. Lakers are a really good team this year, no doubt. Two weak areas which leave them vulnerable to another loss in the playoffs are:
    (a) Defense. Still weak too often, tho better this year than last.
    (b) Still too dependent on one player. Any team that depends on one player is naturally vulnerable. Lakers are better than the Cavs in this respect… because the Cavs would totally fall apart without LBJ… but they are still in the same boat.

  18. Adam Morrison is a monster in-waiting. We suffered through Kwame, but I think Jordan may have been right with this one.

  19. And the Cavs just looked amateur tonight. Kobe is the MVP.

  20. So that’s what the L.A. crowd chants every time he shoots a free throw?

  21. Lebron James is clearly the MVP. Can you imagine what he would do with Kobe’s surrounding cast? Plus, he’s having the better statistical season.

  22. Adam Morrison blows. I can only assume that was sarcasm. In his absolute best case scenario he could be Kyle Korver and I don’t think there’s any way he even gets there.

  23. OClakers- you played the suns bro…you played the suns…hahaha…you must be clueless
    1.Lakers are the same exact team you had in the finals right now.
    2 Pau Gasol isnt tougher, hell hes the same fucking player he was in memphis, just noone knew about him
    3. Lakers have no real identity.
    4. there defense is a mirage, its truly no better then it was last year.
    5. the west is pathetic this year
    6. the 2 games you beat us couldve gone either way, and if celts/lakers meet in june the 2 matchups will have the c’s fired up
    7. dude you played the suns, I knew before the game even started they’d be nearing 140 pts, I wouldnt put any stock whatsoever into the performance
    8. not only were you playing the suns, you were playing the suns shorthanded

  24. Thanks Baron-A good D1 team could beat the Suns on the 2nd night of back-to-backs w/o Nash. Besides, no disrespect OCLakers, but the post is about Pruitt and Marbury was the sub-topic. We know the Lakers are good, we’ve heard that we beat you guys because “Bynum was out” blah, blah we know. We don’t care…

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