Pruitt Arrested

Busted on suspicion of DUI:

Pruitt, a member of the Boston Celtics, was pulled over around 3:15 AM in the Hollywood area. Sources tell TMZ Pruitt failed a field sobriety test and had a blood alcohol level well over the legal limit.


20 Responses

  1. never could understand how this happens, as man who drinks once in a great while. Normally i do it in the confort of my own home or in hotel room. guess what if i have few to many I walk or I get a cab and I don’t get behind the wheel. I know Gabe makes alot more then me. if you read this Gabe use this

  2. UH-OHHHHH!!! Marbury is starting to influence them already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nah, but seriously, I’d probably drink a lot after last night’s game too..

  3. Since Marbury was cut by the Knicks we lost to the Clippers and than this… talk about coincidences…

    Well maybe he just wanted to forget last night’s shitty game.

  4. The only good thing to come from this game Is we meet again in boston a little payback please.

  5. He had lost his confidence for awhile it seemed. When you read this stuff you wonder. he seems like a good kid and I hope he gets it together. The “M” signing cannot help

  6. weak. didn’t you learn anything from Uncle Charles?

  7. the clippers are not worth any payback, if we beat the shit out of them in boston its because they are a crappy team not because we need to avenge a loss to one of the worst teams in the league

    haha pruitt knew last night was his final game of the year in which he was going to play meanigfull minutes

    but oesnt anyone learn from charle’s mistakes? what a knucklehead lol

  8. damn nate beat me to the punch by about 5 seconds on the charles line

  9. He had lost his confidence for awhile it seemed. When you read this stuff you wonder. he seems like a good kid and I hope he gets it together. The “M” signing cannot help
    thetitleisours – February 26, 2009 at 9:58 am

    He had plenty of minutes and more than half a season to put out a good effort and prove his worth. He didn’t, so the Celtics signed a vet to fill the backup PG role because he obviously can’t handle it.

    He responded by playing like shit and getting arrested for a DUI.

    Weren’t you the one harping on Marbury about not being a quality guy? What kind of quality is Pruitt bringing here? Sounds like a coward to me.

  10. Danno, relax…. I mean Pruitt’s what, 23 years old??? I wouldn’t condemn him to hell because of one mistake.

  11. I’m with Tim… kids make mistakes. Shit… adults do too. Let’s not kill him

  12. Danno Marbury has a whole resume of idiocy. Long since past the three strikes and your out rule.

    Everyone makes mistakes. It is what you do afterwards that counts. We will see how Pruitt handles it. It will speak volumes.

  13. I’m not condemning him. I’m sure he’ll bounce back and be just fine.

    I was really just responding to titleisours comment of “Oh it must be Marbury’s signing that caused this”. He actually tried to blame a guy who ISN’T EVEN PART OF THE TEAM YET for something Gabe did to himself.

    Maybe I’m just getting a little tired of his bellyaching over Marbury.

  14. DWB?

  15. I am not by nature an optimist. More of a realist. Don’t like optimism because it leaves you unprepared when the bad stuff (inevitably) happens. But, here’s a relatively optimistic pov:
    – Pruitt was probably just out with his buddies having a drink after a disgusting game. Nothing wrong with that. Made the mistake of driving thereafter… shit happens. To all of us. He who is perfect can throw the first stone.
    – This loss was disgusting to us fans, yes. It will be even more so to Pierce, and Ray, and even to Garnett (who is currently off doing god-knows-what, with a phantom injury nobody saw, for reasons unknown to anyone but himself and maybe Doc and Danny.) The disgust will translate into anger at themselves which will turn into intensity and focus.

    Every once in a while, the team needs a cold shower like this to wake them up to the reality that any NBA team can beat any other NBA team on a given night. Every W must be earned.

    ….really, that game was nauseating.

  16. I’w with ys’ DRJ, that game was just FUGLY. These turnovers kill us on certain nights. Everyone is so focused on Marbury, Joe Smith, homecourt etc, etc. Turnovers should be the main concern as they have been a huge thorn in our side. Gabe, you should’ve walked or taken a cab, but I would’ve pounded a couple Long Islands after last night too…

  17. Out of all the players in the Celtics to get arrested, I never expected it to be Pruitt.

    When I came to this site, I actually LOL’d when I read Pruitt got arrested.

    But yeah, I don’t blame the kid. We lost to the Clippers. Who wouldn’t drink after that pathetic game?

  18. Isnt it a little suspicious that every time you hear about a celtic getting arrested on “suspicion” of DUI its always in LA, i for one am a little skeptical of these charges lol

  19. Don’t you guys remember where he went to college? USC! He is young and made a mistake big deal. Luckily he didn’t kill someone or himself… he’ll learn from it. He was probably chillin out with his old friends from USC and just lost his mind. Give the kid a break.

  20. If they are on a road trip, what the hell was he driving? A Rental?

    I understood when Pierce for pulled over in Vegas, he lives there in the offseason.

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