“Boston, Here I Come”

That’s 4 and a half minutes worth of Stephon Marbury.  The first 2:15 is him thanking everyone in the Knicks organization.

But then, at the 2:15 mark, he pulls his Starbury shirt off to reveal a gold and black Celtics T-shirt… and he says “I’m moving on… I’m going to play basketball in Boston… I’m so excited about this opportunity to play for the world champs.”

So there it is.  I gotta admit… that T-shirt thing he did had a very wrestling feel to it.  It was like the old-school days when someone would join the nWo.  But the nWo was pretty bad-ass.  Half the people hated them… but half the people loved them… kinda like the Celtics across the country right now.  So bring ’em on.  Maybe after we beat teams now, we’ll rip the shirt off their team captain and spray paint a shamrock on his back.

(thanks to Baron and KobeWearsAPurpleThong for posting the video in the comments)

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18 Responses

  1. O wow great NWO reference. What are the odds Starbury goes for a game winning shot and then rips off his C’s jersey and under it is a Lakers jersey? He then powerbombs Pierce through the announcers table.

  2. Life would be more interesting if shit like that happened.


    Then Pierce comes out with a chair in the next Lakers game and whacks Kobe so he turns the ball over and the other team wins… but the refs don’t see it.

    That would be awesome.

  3. The comments made me lol.

    When I first say this yesterday, I actually got butterflies. I really hope he changes his attitude when he’s with the Celtics. I swear to God, if he pulls off any type of drama, I’m going to be pissed.

  4. The guy doesn’t have his head screwed on right. If I’m ainge, I still do the deal. But there will be incidents, costs to pay, and damage control. Hopefully the benefits outweigh them. If Steph plays the way he can, Flip Saunders is already saying he might win 2 playoff games all by himself.

  5. John you make it sound like NBA Refs in 2009 would normally see a chairshot occur? I say bring in more WWE refs for NBA games…. we at least know they’ll let some rules slide for entertainment value.

    By the way, I actually think this is a great idea.

  6. I wonder if all that time off will help him transition to a bench player? I think long periods away from professional games is a huge hurtle for any athlete to get back to form, but maybe this will help Marbury settle into a bench player?

  7. It’s going to be a fun week: Marbury/Mikki Moore, struggling Detroit, Marbury returns to New Jersey..in a C’s uni, Lebron/Cavs in town next Friday(KG return…?). Oh yeah, Baron actually was the 1st one to hip us to the Starbury video Thanks Baron!

  8. Duly noted on Baron. I updated the post to thank him too.

    And Ryan… that’s pretty funny. NBA refs actually might miss the chair shot.

  9. […] I know, not another video. Yes, another video. Not quite a cheerful as the last one:  (Thanks Red’s Army) […]

  10. On Lou and Mike yesterday or the day before they kept doing TONS of Marybury audio drops. And let me tell you they picked some of his WORST. Just some of the ridiculous things he has said over the years made me cringe and worry if this was all a mistake. But after watching this clip I do feel a little better. YES he is crazy but I really am convinced (at this point at least) that he just wants to win. Lets hope this is true and that his ways have changed a bit.

    I’ll be on the West coast all next week (In Lakerland unfortunately), and I am going to have to find some place to watch the games so I can see our new guys in action. I’m sure its going to be a tough one!

    Go C’s!!!

  11. he looks hammered

  12. He sounds downright humble.

    Hammered? Nah. He just looks like a pro athlete. These guys aren’t rocket scientists.

  13. this is the best pick up for boston and MM Traded danny does it again he is on fire here comes numba 18

  14. Marbury slapping the Knicks in the face once again – The “T – Shirt” stunt its his way saying F*** you Knicks haha and look at my Celtic shirt. Its classic Marbury.

  15. He seems genuinely excited and HAPPY to be a Celtic. He’s an All-Star, coming off our BENCH… who’s thrilled for the opportunity. Hello?? I think this is a great, great move… and more than that, I LIKE the guy I see on this video.

    The Cs gain in one other way. Publicity. Media. Fan interest. With Marbury comes his weird and fascinating story. The Cs now have the two nuttiest players in the NBA (arguably)… Marbury and KG (way different kinds of nutty, of course). Every move, every twist, will be reported throughout the planet. It’s all good for the Cs… more interest = more sales, more advertising, better business.

    And if they win it all… well, the drama of this story will make it one for the history books, to be replayed over and over on sports channels everywhere.

    It’s all good.

  16. I was definitely not big on Stephon Marbury coming to Boston. But two words keep popping in my head that makes me think it could be alright: Randy Moss.

    I remember thinking the Pats were crazy to acquire Randy Moss. But look, he proved everybody wrong.

    Let’s hope it’s the same with Stephon.

  17. U think the C’s can get him to play and then tape his mouth shut after games?

  18. Speaking of publicity, the Marbury deal helps the blogs and websites out there too. John/Chuck, am I wrong?

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