Exactly What We Need

The Celtics gutted out a 104-99 win over the Pacers that was anything but pretty.

Stephon Marbury (13 min, 8 pts, 4-6 FG, 2 assists, 3 TO) played a damn good game. He is such a smooth offensive player. Not a bad performance for a guy who hasn’t played a regular season game in 13 months.

Ray Allen (30 pts, 6-10 3FG) carried the offensive burden.

Glen Davis (18 pts) and Leon Powe (14 pts, 6 reb) both had solid games. Big Baby had a couple of big baskets down the stretch to keep Indiana from creeping back.

It’s tough to fault Rajon Rondo when he dishes out 17 assists, but he passed up too many open 12 footers. Way too many.

Box Score | Recap

For anyone who cares, the Celtics are paying Marbury more than we thought:

Stephon Marbury will earn $1.2 million from the Boston Celtics over the remainder of the NBA season, ESPN.com learned Friday.

A source with knowledge of league finances told ESPN.com that Boston used $1.2 million of the $2.4 million it had remaining from the midlevel salary exception. Marbury’s salary will not be prorated, meaning he will earn $52,174 for each of Boston’s remaining 23 regular season games.

More pics from the game….after the jump.


30 Responses

  1. Nice job by Big Baby chipping in 18. He has been drilling that short jumper lately. The one thing that bugged me: Rondo HAS to start shooting those bunnies when he’s open. The Pacers were just daring him all night to shoot those. Doc could even be seen screaming at Rajon: “SHOOOT IT!!!”

  2. Hey KWAPT – are you ever not on the site? You are posting comments fast and furiously at all hours!!!! We love it.

  3. – Marbury was excellent. Anybody who was worried before should now put those worries to bed. He is a GREAT, GREAT addition, and MUCH needed.
    – Perk is now officially a Serious Problem. Played like a little girl in the last 3 minutes, trying his very best to lose the game. No really, I think he forgot that the goal was for the CELTICS to win the game. Not the Pacers, the CELTICS, Perk. He was disgusting. Something must be done about Perk, like right now.
    – Mikki was very good, active, good shooter, good defender, etc. But… I think he has an irreparable problem: hands of stone. (Though that’s not completely certain yet… a couple more games and we’ll know.) They will have to deal with him accordingly… gotta watch those tough passes, keep it simple for him.
    – For the entire 1st half, I thought I was watching Invasion Of The Body Snatchers… Pacers were playing like the Celtics — tight defense, aggressive offense, penetration, etc. — and the Cs couldn’t get to the paint, couldn’t buy a rebound, played totally porous defense. What was THAT about?? Got better in the 2nd half, especially when Stephon got in the game.
    – Speaking of rebounds… did we get any? Felt like we didn’t.
    – I dunno, but it felt like Stephon saved this game for us. Because in general, we sucked. Again. (“We” excludes Ray, of course.) Things got better once he came in the 2nd time.
    – Oh, and let’s not forget the refs. They were terrible. Again. I think it’s time to stop pointing out when they’re terrible, and just talk about when they’re good. That would be a far rarer event.

  4. I think the Pacers outrebounded us 46-35. It felt like 66-25.

  5. Solid game for Starbury..Perk misses KG but he was solid in rebounding..Perk doesnt need to score. He just needs to be a beast in the paint :)

  6. lets not even think about getting down on rondo.. the man had 17 assists and 1 turnover.. that is just plain ridiculous good… I can not remember ever seeing a boxscore like that…

  7. Rondo also had a total of 3 points.

  8. DRJ- Perk had some stupid plays at the end, but he had 11 boards and 5 blocks and and was our best interior defender..he was a huge contributor in the win

  9. I don’t care about Rondo’s point totals…ever. I’m only getting on him for passing up the shots because it hurts the team. He’s passing up open 10 footers, leaving other guys to take worse shots.

  10. Yeah, BigM… Doc was yelling “Take it” at him.

  11. 3 points.. hypothetical… if you PG averages 17 assists with just one turnover, plays solid defense.. trust me– you are looking at an all NBA point guard– even if he scores only 3 points!

  12. rondo’s 17 assists are much more impressive because of the fact that he has a guys like pierce and allen that control the ball so much of the time and create their own shots

    there is no way rondo can dish out 17+ assists without being damn efficient, because he doesnt handle the ball as large as percentage of the time as most other points in the league and thats not even counting the half court style the C’s play; translation a 17 assist game from rondo is much more impressive than seeing one from CP3 or Nash

  13. BigM, 1st of all I love “KWAPT”-2nd, I usually keep your site open in another tab whenever I’m online-which is pretty much whenever I’m not working. I love the site and I guess it shows!! You know us Boston fans, always a bit obsessive…

  14. Baron- I’ve been a Perk fan. But in the last 4-5 games, he has been a big problem. Doc mentioned it pre-game too. Here are Perk’s last ~3 minutes tonight:
    3:05 – Hands the ball over to Foster under their basket for a quick and easy layup. Absolutely, insanely, “the dumbest thing you can do” (Tommy quote)
    2:34 – dribbles the ball under the basket (something he is TERRIBLE at), until there’s a 24 second violation and a turnover. They’re now within 5 points… a loss is perfectly possible.
    2:14 – Murphy drives right by him… Perk would have fouled him for 2, or allowed the basket or a 3-point play, but was saved by Rondo, who fouled Murphy before the shot
    1:15 – He allows FOUR offensive rebounds in a row, until finally, of course, they score
    0:35 – Fouled Ford

    I think Doc’s been talking to him, because he seemed to be making a conscious effort not to draw offensive fouls with his moving picks, like he’s been doing lately. But then came the last 3 minutes… which of course are when games are lost. He seemed then, when it was most important, to be trying his hardest to lose.

  15. Ease up on ol’ Perk.

  16. I like Perk too guys-love the Beast..but I have to agree that he has “fallen thru the cracks” lately. It almost just seems like maybe w/all the hype around KG, Marbury, Rondo etc he just is letting it effect him. Don’t misread me-I am NOT saying Perk is a bad player, Perk “sucks”, nothing like that. I just feel at some point, maybe before the all-star break, he lost some motivation. And playing in the shadow of some of these guys he plays with, I can see that happening. He still shows flashes of the “Beast”, but something’s just missing-I hope he finds it because I am a big fan of Beast.

  17. Good game, less turnovers was the difference. Rond was not as aggressive as he was in Phoenix but the 17 assists was great. Starbury was great for not playing ball for four months, he looked like he was born again Stephon. I can’t wait till KG comes back and these guys get some prctice in. Good days to look forward to!!

  18. I can’t wait until KG backs

  19. gesus, you imagine making $50,000 per game? and that’s just 1.2mil prorated. So Paul and KG make about $220,000 per game…holy crikies!

  20. KWAPT…. are you serious about Big Baby hitting that jumper lately?

  21. I like Perk just fine. Not pickin on him, just hoping Doc will work his thing with the guy…. he’s (obviously) pretty important to our goal. Anyway, it’s going to be a lot of fun seeing what Marbury does next… I feel like we got ourselves an All-Star for our 2nd team. Wait… we did.

  22. Perk just needs to work on his temper and his pick and rolls aside from that you gotta love his aggrsive play and hustle.

  23. That picture said it ALL – That’s one Happy M’fer right there!!!

    One ugly one too almost a doom as big as the original employee 8 Walker.

    Just hope it all works out guys.

    Mikki and Marbury looking good so far.

    Our real test comes next Friday see who’s got the really big BALLS!!!! VS. the GAYVERLIERS

  24. I think mikki moore & stephon marbury are better then sam cassell & pj brown good work danny.
    Still would have liked to seen joe smith we never did replace posey.
    But as it is I think we have a shot at home court again.
    To all the laker trolls out there you lost to denver last night who we just beat by 38 points so whats that mean?

  25. Perk started the season off playing the best basketball of his career, and then after injuring that shoulder twice he hasnt returned to that form, and yes he made some stupid plays last night, but even so, hes still very important to this team, as he was last night.
    I actually thought the Moore/Marbury/Powe/Allen/House lineup late in the 3rd early in the 4th was outstanding..and especially on D they got like 5 stops in a row …. weird huh?…then the starters came out and almost lost the game, they clearly werent in any rhythm

  26. Fire Doc–how can you not be anything but pleased with Baby right now? He is hitting those 15 footers with consistency. He is putting the ball in the bucket down low. Still taking charges. I mean, the guy is a solid 2nd year player coming off the bench. Doc knows it too–that’s why he’s getting the start for injured KG. I take Baby over Leon any day of the week.

  27. Tim-do you disagree on Davis hitting those J’s lately? I think he has been, no?

  28. I completely disagree…. last night he started off the game 0-3 from that range…. he ended up hitting one but I would guess he was 1-6 or 2-7 last night on that jumper.

    He was hitting it in LA, but that was a fluke in my opinion. I hate that shot out of him…… hell even Perk shoots it better than him (1-2 last night).

    I mean why the hell do you think teams ALWAYS give him that shot?

  29. Ok, thanks-I thought he was hitting more of those lately, but perhaps he is just TAKING more of them..lol. And as far as Perk, man he is just among the missing-I posted last night that perhaps in the shadow of KG, the Marbury hype, etc. he just fades sometimes. I also think it’s a long year and that shoulder could be acting up. The acquisition of a “true” big, Mikki Moore, may get him some much needed rest on some nights..

  30. Baby went 3-8 with the jumper last night (jumper = anything at least 8 ft away). I’m going to start keeping track because he is seemingly becoming more accurate.

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