It’s Official…

… Marbury has signed with the Celtics

The two-time All-Star is now undergoing a physical and is expected to attend a closed practice at TD Banknorth Garden at 5 p.m. before tonight’s game against Indiana.

It remains uncertain if Marbury will be in uniform tonight, but given that the Celtics have just 11 players in uniform, it’s possible that they may need him to suit up in case of an emergency situation.


According to the Celtics, Marbury will wear #8.  I’m betting he thinks it’s like taking two 3’s… flipping one around… and then putting them together.


13 Responses

  1. So happy about this. Not only did the Celtics need this, the Celtics are leaps and bounds ahead of the Cavs now. Ben Wallace has a broken leg and could have used Mikki Moore and Stephon…they’ve got neither and will end up with no additions to their team.

    Marbury is definitely saying all the right things right now…it makes me feel even better about supporting this whole idea since day one. Get ready for #18!!

  2. what is his number gonna be?

  3. #8, apparently.

  4. HE’S THE NEW EMPLOYEE #8???? wow just wow i thought for sure he would go with a crazy 99 or something

  5. PapaIrish, DRJ, here is the link to the Celtics’ official press release:

  6. Mikki is #7.
    * 8-7 = #1 = the end result of all this (we hope)
    * 8+7 = #15 = Tommy Heinsohn number. Meaning we can expect many TommyPoints from these two.

    Got that, universe? Now make it happen

  7. DRJ, now that is very creative. xD

  8. 8 times 7 divided by the big 3 = 18

    ….well roughly 18 lol

  9. So, a former all-star whose attitude issues kept him from reaching his true potential, and who used to form a tag-team with one of the Big 3, will be wearing #8 for the Celtics… and it isn’t Antoine Walker?

    Nice math, DRJ.

  10. Buh-dum-dum…? (rimshot)

  11. Wait a minute……. so you’re trying to tell me that the Celtics aren’t planning to retire Antoine Walker’s #8?????? This has got to be a joke.

  12. He’ll probably heave up a lot of 26 footers just like the old #8

  13. LOL DRJ. Very creative

    Still not as awesome as what we had last year.

    6 and 17

    Game 6, Championship 17
    617 is Boston’s Area Code
    6/17, June 17th, the date of the championship game.

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