Obama’s A Cool Dude

Forget your politics for a minute. Take a look at that picture from last night’s Wizards-Bulls game.  That’s just cool.  And to top it off… he bought that kid next to him cotton candy.

Nice to see a President enjoying the game from a seat and enjoying a beer like a normal human being.

(via Mr. Irrelevant)

After the jump…more evidence of the President acting like a normal guy (i.e. checking out hot cheerleaders).


19 Responses

  1. Its refreshing to see our President isn’t afraid to be normal amongst the society. Mr. President also isn’t scared to let known he is a Bulls and White Sox fan either. Just like you said a cool dude!

  2. Awesome picture. :) Small things like this is why America loves him.

  3. ok now he is the man, He most likely stops after 1 or 2…. It would be great to see the pres tore down

  4. Finally a president that loves a real sport

  5. Can you imagine that? What if he’s a belligerent drunk?

    “Get me Ahmadina-whatshisname… the Iran guy… yeah… get him on the fucking phone.

    Yeah.. Mahmoud? You ain’t shit. Your momma ain’t shit. And your grandmomma ain’t shit. What’s up? And shave that pubic hair beard off… you look like a bitch.

    What’s that? Well why don’t you come say something to my face? 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The White fucking House…. “

  6. My tax dollars better not be paying for those tickets.

  7. You paid for his beer… Ticket was on Arenas.

  8. HA! Now that’s funny…Speaking of Iran..

  9. I’m must breaking balls…I think its very cool for the Pres to have a beer at a game.

    I just posted a new picture to the post…guess he likes NBA dancers too.

  10. Negative. He’s still an asshole politician. Don’t be fooled.

  11. Dancer: “Mr. President! Can you autograph my short shorts pleaseeeeee!”

    Pres: “Michelle will kill me if she saw me signing your sweet ass, Goddam your ass looks delicious… Well, fuck it meet me in the locker room and I will sign it”.

    Talking to Dude with glasses sitting behind.. “Can you stop talking to me I am trying to watch the game!!!! Go Bulls!! Why don’t you get me another brew”.

  12. I’m with you BigMck- After Bush, a little bit laid back and down to earth is fine with me.

  13. Politics aside, he is cool dude and eminently likable…. I just wish he was a libertarian……

  14. Zippittyay, that’s a freaky pic man..and Starbury’s a little chunkier than that..lol

  15. Chuck aren’t you a steelers fan? Did you photshop that guy behind Oboma with a Steelers Superbowl Champions shirt on.

  16. *photo shop

  17. *Obama..lol.. DWade is single-handedly dismantling the Knicks on NBAtv right now..

  18. I’m busted. That Steelers SB t-shirt is the real reason I posted that photo. I used Obama and the dancer as a front.


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