Rondo Upset With Maxwell?

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A bizarre incident between Rajon Rondo and Celtics radio broadcaster Cedric Maxwell. Rondo had some harsh words for Maxwell as he headed into the showers, and the point guard did not appear to be joking. Definitely some tension in the room.

Maybe Max told Rondo to get in the kitchen and make him some bacon and eggs. Quack, quack, quack!!!


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  1. Yeah, I read about this last night. Interesting-I don’t listen to the C’s radio broadcasts, but I could only imagine it must be about comments Max made. He’s not known as someone to hold back anything. This has nothing to do with the C’s, but I can’t believe people still fall for these phone pranks. You know, “I’m from the corporate office, I need you to test the fire extinguishers-start by stripping down naked..” This is from this morning’s Herald:

  2. This doesn’t surprise me. Maxwell is annoying.

  3. Yeah..sometimes I guess. Holy $#i&..the Pats just traded Cassell to the KC Chiefs…

  4. Maybe Max was mouthing off jokingly about Rondo not shooting the ball and this Rondo snapped a little before he went to the locker room. Who knows? Max’ is known to run his mouth so its not surprising to me. Rondo is probably sick and tired of people telling him to shoot the ball. I am tired of hearing it too!! I can only imagine Rondo. R’ knows what he needs to do for the team to be successful – yea, he gave up a few 10 foot j’s.. So, what! The man had 17 dimes and we won. That’s all it matters!

    Judging from Marbury’s performance last night I can only say he was very “Fluid and smooth like ice” For a second there It really looked like Marbury has been playing with us for years. The way he was distributing perfect passes to Ray coming off screens and the way he can still explode to the hoop with one two dribbles. Some guys are just gifted and born to ball period. I was impressed for sure.

    As for M & M… I like him…. he stays under the radar, plays hard, sets hard picks and can score when needed. He’ll find his role more comfortable with a few more games under his belt.

    I am very excited to see how everyone is going to gel in the next couple of months. When KG gets back in the mix OH YES, LOOK OUT!!!

    Go Celtics

  5. I dont blame rondo…Maxwell obviously said something stupid to piss him off..I highly doubt he cussed him out for no reason
    Maxwell should stfu

  6. rondo will be more nervous and on edge now that marbury is in town

  7. I am sure Rondo will feel that way if Marbury out plays him. I don’t think it will cause Rondo his starting job that is not going to happen. Maybe Doc will play Rondo and Marbury together. Doc’ has more chips to play with and that is a blessing not controversial.

  8. Any word on Joe Smith? If he isn’t coming to Boston than I hope he stays with OKC. I would hate to see the Cavs or Lakers pick him up – Joe played very effectively against us in the playoffs. One less thing to worry about if he stayed home.

    Any news on Antoine Walker? Maybe he is in rehab…

    Do you guys think Ainge is done with Player transactions? Or maybe D. Ainge has one more move under his sleeve?

    I would love to see one more move by Ainge for insurance.

  9. Good point bmore’s best. Santos, to quote Pitino, (not really but…) “Antoine Walker is NOT walking through that door..” LOL. Joe Smith has to be bought out. And, he wouldn’t be able to play for us in the playoffs anyways-the deadline (correct me if I’m wrong) for teams to sign anyone that could be eligible for the playoff roster is March 1st-tomorrow…

  10. KobeWAPT – I don’t know about you but I still hate Pitino till this day. I know Antoine isn’t coming back and it maybe a good thing.

  11. KWAPT: I see there are douchebags on giving you shit about your Marbury towel observation. I noticed Marbury did that too and thought it was pretty cool. Do you really think there aren’t prima donna athletes who are too good to turn around and get the towel into the bin? Maybe the type of athlete who falls into a cameraman on the baseline and then kicks him for being there?

  12. I don’t think we have to worry about Rondo being nervous. Rondo is clearly the starter. How many times have we said when Rondo is going good… the c’s are impossible to beat? Doc knows that too.

    It’s pretty clear how this is going to work. Rondo runs the show, Marbury provides a boost to the second unit.

  13. Thanks Bill-that’s why I love this site-people stick together here and it’s moderated pretty well. The site is good too because they get the good info being “BostonGlobe controlled,” but the site is just crawling w/trolls man. I just thought to all those who were so petrified of Steph, that small gesture spoke volumes. FSantos, Pitino is a good college coach, just not cracked for NBA. He still thought he was in Bluegrass land! And reds, you’re so right-when Rondo does his thing, this team is unstoppable.

  14. Maybe it’s that quacking like a duck thing.

  15. Maybe Max told Rondo to learn how to shoot a jumper…

    God knows I’ve been harping on that the last 2 seasons…

  16. […]’s Jess Camerato has the scoop on the alleged tension between Maxwell and Rondo: “Me and Rondo were talking about a card game where he and I had played,” he said. “That’s […]

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