Stephon’s Interviews

This is like our 3,000th straight post about Marbury… but what else are we gonna talk about right now?

Here are a couple of his interviews from yesterday.  Postgame, pre-game, and his introductory press conference.


4 Responses

  1. 3 videos = mancrush. off to the shrink with you.

  2. What did I say? Give the guy a chance and you might actually like him.

    Looks like I was right. ;)

  3. Mancrush? LOL – Well, I wouldn’t go that far yet DRJ.

    Marbury is a knuckle head but very talented – We are banking on his talent to help bring home #18.

    Lets pray Marbury continues to say the right things to make management feeling bubbly on the inside and performs like a lion on the court.

    The honeymoon with Marbury officially begun last night – This has to last for four more months.

    Honestly I think he’ll be fine because we have first class management and first class players. Don’t forget Marbury is playing for more than a title here. He is playing and showcasing his game once again hoping to get a contract for next year here or elsewhere. He isn’t dumb but can be a knuckle head sometimes.

  4. If he can last the year and help us beat the evil Laker’s franchise it will have been worth it. Right now we all have had about ten pitchers looking at the last girl in the bar. let’s not wake up until next year and we have back to back championships.

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