The Marbury Phenomenon

I need a shrink. Someone please tell me why I love Stephon Marbury on this team. Why I am willing to overlook all his negatives? I’m not alone that’s for sure. Did you see the standing ovation the Garden crowd gave him last night?

When Steph (we’re buddies now) took the floor, my eyes were focused on him. I wanted to follow his every move, to see if he would play defense, fight through picks, help teammates, etc. Like I stated last night, he played a damn good game for a guy who hadn’t played regular season basketball in 13 months. He had a great sequence in the 4th quarter.

Allen and Marbury combined to stretch the lead to 13 points after Marbury replaced Paul Pierce 15 seconds into the quarter. Marbury found Allen for a 20-footer with 11:06 to go, then hit a 16-footer, found Allen for a 3-pointer, scored on a lefthanded layup, and banked in a shot off a Moore rebound for a 92-79 lead with 8:23 remaining.

But my favorite play came in the 1st 2nd quarter – the no look bounce pass to a slashing Leon Powe. That’s what Marbury can do for this second unit. Create a ton of easy shots. And when all else fails, he can create his own shot.

But what about the bad? Here are some excerpts from Marbury’s Wikipedia profile (it’s the best my research team could do on short notice):

Towards the end of the 2005-2006 season, the Knicks’ poor performance combined with Marbury’s public spats with his coach led to a severe decline in Marbury’s popularity, with Frank Isola and Michael O’Keefe of the New York Daily News stating that Marbury is “the most reviled athlete in New York.”

The start of the 2007-08 season found the Knicks again floundering and Marbury again involved in a public feud, this time with Knicks coach and president Isiah Thomas. The pivotal incident involved Marbury leaving the team after learning that Thomas planned to remove him from the starting lineup. There were reports that Marbury and Thomas actually came to blows on the team plane, and that Marbury threatened to blackmail Thomas for taking him out of the starting lineup—both in the presence of Knick teammates.

And let’s not forget that during Isiah’s sexual harassment trial, the married Marbury testified about having sex with an intern in the back of his truck.

For some reason (maybe it’s the short window this team has to win more titles), I’m willing to overlook all that crap. Apparently so is Danny, Doc and Wyc. Are we going to see the “bad” Stephon? I really doubt it because he’s only going to be here a few months. Or is he?

Asked about if he wanted to play in Boston next season, Marbury said, “If they want me, I’ll be here.”

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8 Responses

  1. I asked myself that same question 50 times last night. I was so pumped to see him in uniform, to see him get touches, everything. I followed his every move too. Is it too early to have a Marbury mancrush, because I fucking love that he’s here!

    I need to find video of the Dickerson pregame interview with Marbury, because he summed it up perfectly (paraphrasing): I don’t want to be a distraction, I just want to win. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.

    Tommy hit the nail on the head when he said that Marbury was Isiah’s scapegoat. Steph has a lot of work to do to become an efficient member of this team. But I love the energy he’s bringing already!

  2. Save me the next appointment at the shrink’s office… because I got excited when he came into the game.

    I guess that’s the beauty of sports. Redemption can come easy when you’re wearing the right laundry.

    All that aside… he did play well. Forget the whole ‘time off’ thing… Steph played the perfect game for us last night. If he does exactly that for the rest of the year, then we’re going to be almost impossible to beat

  3. I had an idea for a new t-shirt: the Marbury Mancrush. Use a picture of just his head, slightly to the side so you get a good view of the head tattoo, except replace it with a shamrock (kind of like the I Love Leon shirt). Put the word “Marbury” above his face and “Mancrush” below it. It’ll make millions.

  4. The problem that may come up with Steph sticking around past this season is this: If he really shines, which I think he will (heck, I think he’s gonna be a big part of why we repeat this year) then he will be too valuable for us to afford. If he turns into an unselfish, high scoring, high-assist, great-defending point guard — which is perfectly possible given the system he has just joined and the natural talents he has — there is hardly a team in the NBA that wouldn’t be frothing at the mouth to acquire his services. We can’t match that…. we’re friggin maxed out just paying for the Big 3. They’d have to work something out, but hard to see what… unless he REALLY changes, and decides not to run away again.

    One thing seems clear. Marbury has superstar-level talent. Yes, he does. It’s possible that his best days are still ahead of him, at 32, because only now, for the first time in his life, is he in the right environment and apparently in the right frame of mind to allow those talents to grow into their full potential.

    It’s going to be incredibly exciting to watch all this unfold. Come what may – boom or bust – Marbury right now is worth many times what they paid for him in the excitement and fan involvement that his signing is bringing to the Celtics.

  5. I think we are in the period known as the “honeymoon” period. Like a new relationship we do not see the warts. But if the past is any indication we might be able to see that honeymoon last the entire season, which is a positive. remember that Terrell Owens first year with the Cowboy’s was free of incident. If he is signed for additional years I would be worried, but it just may work out this year. Winning is an intoxication and we all want to see the Laker fans eat all the crap they fired at us this year.

    Better to enjoy this relationship while it is fresh and then let it go before we find out one of us leaves the toilet seat up and squeeze’s the toothpaste in the middle

  6. title, you are absolutely right. it may be too much to hope for that he will completely change. people rarely do. the sorta-good news is that if your honeymoon-to-badmoon scenario is right, he will not stick around after this year anyway, but will go off to find the best offer.

  7. I don’t foresee any scenario where Marbury is here next year. He did however look dang good…

  8. For all yuse guys goin gaga over Marbury’s time as a celtic, and how he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread…

    He has played 13 whopping minutes so far. Far from enough to make any definitive statements.

    Let’s hope for the best, but not get ahead of ourselves.

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