Giving Mikki Some Love

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The past week has been all Stephon-this and Stephon-that… so I figured I’d show Mikki some love today.  And honestly, what he provides is going to be at least as important as what Steph gives us, if not more so. Think about last season… when PJ Brown was our most important late-February pick up.  Steph is going to score and bolster that second unit… but given Perk’s shoulder and foul issues, Moore might be called on to defend the hoop along side Garnett.  On a defensive team, in the playoffs, that’s a more important role.

So while the headlines are about Marbury and him picking up the system, Moore is right there getting a crash course too:

“Most of what I need to do is see defensive clips. I’m trying to figure things out. On offense, I’m a guy who has to knock down jump shot to spread the floor. On the other end of the floor, I’m a guy who takes charges, I make sure to get over to help. I’m all about playing team ball.”

And it’s not like Moore is on his own here.  Guys like Leon Powe have his back.

“P.J. (Brown) will tell you that if he didn’t know something, I would see that and make sure to tell him early, before it happens, what’s going on so he knew what to do,” said Powe, who became very close friends with Brown last spring. “That’s what I am doing now with Mikki. He started right away coming to me, before we run something, asking what we are supposed to do. I would go through it quickly so he’d be all right. It’s just working together and making sure we are on the same page.”

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  1. Agree that Mikki could turn out to be very important too. But doubt he will be more so than Steph. Steph has the potential to be great… as in Superstar Great… doing it all, offense and defense. He has the physical skills that very few people have… just a handful in the NBA. We don’t know if he will bend his will to maximally mesh with the team, and thus achieve his maximal potential… or not. That’s the open question. But if he does, Steph’s potential is as high as any guard in the league. That’s what makes this so edge-of-your-seat exciting… how high will he go?

    Mikki is by definition and nature an average ~7′ player. Greatness is not in his genes. (Plus, I think he may have hands of stone.) But you’re right… he could become very important to us, especially on the defensive end, where all that’s required is desire and the will to work plus the basic physical ability, all of which he has in ample amounts. My one concern with Mikki are his hands… he’s likely to get some pretty tough (great) passes from Rondo and Steph, and I fear too many will go flying out of his mitts. If this flaw is real – as originally reported by the Sacramento press – we can hope the team recognizes it quickly and adjusts to compensate (keep those passes safe).

    Whether it’s Perk or Mikki, our center is flawed. But if Mikki picks up the defensive end, it won’t matter. If they can both hold the middle on D, we have more than enough offense to get the job done and go all the way.

  2. Really not impressed with Mikki Moore, at all. Yes, he’s better than POB but I fear that come playoff time, we’ll all be screaming that Ainge didn’t get us a good enough big.

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  4. Anybody else hear fans screaming, “ball dont lie” at the end of the 2nd?

  5. Guess Who showed up today? The 2008 Defensive Pistons showed up. Our guys facial expression is telling me they weren’t ready for it. At the same time Will Bynum is giving Marbury fits in the back court even picked his pocket twice. He bothered Rondo a bit as well. So far in the first half the Pistons are slapping us around.

    Give Mikki Moore a few more games before you make your final judgement. I am sure Mikki is still learning how to play with his new teammates furthermore he has lots more to learn when KG comes back too.. Same goes for Marbury.


    GO C’S

  6. C’s don’t look good right now

  7. They look good now.

  8. And why on in the box score do they list Scal as a center?

  9. Boston Man, that was me screaming “the ball don’t lie.” I believe it was on a missed free-throw near the end of the 1st half that I screamed that phrase at the top of my lungs. I was sitting in front row under the hoop..I hate blaming things on refs, but they weren’t letting these guys play today. Alot of calls that were just contact that should’ve been let go. I noticed a huge difference with KG not in the building-it’s like a nice Xmas display, but a chunk of the lights are burned out-it’s just not the same.

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