Depth a Real Problem

The Celtics medical staff has officially diagnosed Brian Scalabrine with his 3rd concussion in less than a month. He’s out indefinitely.

“You can’t do anything,” Scalabrine said of the last week’s inactivity. “I can’t watch TV for more than 30 minutes. I can’t read a book. I can talk to my wife, but she gets tired of that. But I will say this: When I start trying to read a book, everything moves. I have problems with motion during the day.”

So Scal won’t be back on the court (maybe out 2-3 weeks, just a guess) until his head is straight. KG is likely out at least another week and who knows if Tony Allen will return at all this year.

Was I alone in screaming for Bill Walker while the Pistons Walter Hermann was torching the Celtics yesterday? Rather than play Walker, Doc decided to have the undersized Marbury guard him and completely disrupt the defensive scheme by running a double-team at the guy. The move made no sense to me.

OKC bought out and waived Joe Smith before Sunday’s deadline making him eligible for a team’s playoff roster. All reports have Smith signing with the Cavaliers. It will be painful watching him torch Mikki Moore in the Eastern conference finals.

And’s Jess Camerato has the scoop on the alleged tension between Maxwell and Rondo:

“Me and Rondo were talking about a card game where he and I had played,” he said. “That’s what we were talking about and we were poking fun at each other. It wasn’t any argument that we had at all.”

Maxwell told Rondo about the rumors. Both he and the Celtics point guard laughed at the reality of their conversation.

“The words were, ‘You played the wrong card the other day when we were playing in the card game,’” Maxwell said. “That’s what that was.”

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22 Responses

  1. i feel for scal, he really steped up big when we needed him this season. when KG went down scal brought the defensive intensity from the 4 spot. when you think of it the team entered to the corrent slump when we lost scal before the clippers game.
    and about this slump i think we should give the team & doc more credit, we really miss a lot of rotation players and its not easy getting the new guys to contribute right away, patiance is needed.

  2. This sucks…Someone put a bounty on Johan Petros head..the prick!!! poor scal…he was really helping this team with KG out, spreading the floor and making it easier on everyone.

    and really, what was up with Marbury on Walterr hermann, and then doubling him? are you serious? that was the dumbest thing ive seen all year

  3. For the record, I said I hated Scal last year. But he stopped making a fool of himself and this team on the court this year and ended up becoming one of the key guys off the bench. There’s no question that we need him right now. His value is at an all-time high.

    Baby was 4-6 with the jumper yesterday, going 7-13 from the field altogether. He’s still getting fucked in the ass by refs on the defensive end probably because he’s an unknown 2nd year guy. Seems like he gets called for looking at another guy wrong.

    This second story about Rondo/Maxwell sounds like damage control and I don’t believe a word of it. The original story where Rondo chewed Max’s head off sounds true and somebody must have told Rondo to smooth it over. I still think Max is hilarious however.

  4. Walker and Giddens were picked because they were “Posey clones”. They may make rookie mistakes but Tony Allen still makes rookie mistakes. How much could we lose using them in the TA role??

  5. Scallie was playing really well off the bench the last two months and I was loving his efforts. This is really unfortunate for him and the team. I hope he doesn’t try to rush back because it sounds like a very serious problem. GET WELL SCAL!

    As for the Joe Smith deal – Looks like Their DANNY out maneuvered our DANNY on the chess board. You are right Joe might torch Mikki in the playoffs thats really going to hurt. Only problem I have with Mikki is he isn’t a strong rebounder like PJ was. PJ grabbed so many MAN boards and slapped Hoes around. I don’t think Mikki can fulfill that void. Damn!

    Don’t throw Doc’ under the bus yet. I am sure he will learn from his mistakes and will use Walker more now especially with Scal and Kg out. Marbury on Hermann was very difficult to watch.

    Yea Bill, the Rondo and Max thing sounds like damage control to me too.

  6. – Scal is out for the season. Now that they’ve admitted he has a 3rd concussion… and his symptoms are VERY serious… they can’t let him play again, medically and legally. So that’s that, unfortunately. Hope to have him back next year.
    – As has been said here, Doc’s rotations are his weak spot. Without Scal and TA, we must go with one (or both) of our young guns. Personally, I like them both… they’re very high energy guys, more than willing to do the work on defense, and they’re both very athletic. Doc just has a natural resistance to playing them for some reason… but he needs to get over it. Ya gotta go with the team you have.

  7. Exactly, no other choice gotta go with team we have – Its too late to pick up anybody so this is the team we have to live with.

  8. Right, and can they really make more mistakes than TA?

  9. We might have to go D-League – If it apply to the rules maybe we can pick up a big from the DL?????????????

    Scal won’t be back – He hurt his brain not his finger so its safe to say his season is over. We will miss his greatly.

  10. Has Joe Smith ever torched ANYONE?

  11. I never thought I’d be saying this but we really do need Scal.

    and the fact that you guys really believe Joe Smith is going to torch Mikki Moore is unbelievable. Its not like Joe Smith is some All Star forward, hes on the same level as Mikki Moore and you guys need to have some patience, nobody knew PJ would be so big for us a week after we got him, and give mikki time to play, he is a good player and no worse than Joe Smith.

  12. Sorry to see scal’s season end, I’ve always loved that goofy b*stard. As for Joe Smith- what f-in ever, the Cavs had him last year and to be very honest, I don’t recall him doing anthing spectacular or anything at all for that matter.

  13. Lex and Dub P – I used the wrong choice of word “Torching” better word would be “Fits”. Don’t you remember Joe Smith in the ECF was almost automatic from 15 to 17 feet against us. The guy is consistent and good on the foul line. Yes, I do agree that we should give Mikki Moore more time before making judgement.

  14. give JR a chance he looked solid in his garbage time against the nuggets

  15. I can always tell a chuck special when I read one.
    You’re the Redsarmy debbie downer. You’re the bad cop to John’s good cop.
    I woke up this morning and read your post about Scal being out, the minutes, the rotations… If I didn’t know better I’d think I slept through the rest of the season and we were down 3-0 in the playoffs… and my personal favorite… how Joe Smith is gonna torch Mikki Moore. Mikki Moore isn’t gonna play a big enough part to get torched. And as Lex said earlier – has Joe Smith ever torched anyone?
    Yes Scal’s loss hurts but let’s take a deep breath. We’re in that no mans’ land right now between the All-Star break and the playoffs. Garnett will bring a lot of focus, energy and motivation back with his return.

  16. If he does come back I hope the team makes him wear some kind of headgear (hockey helmet?). Whatever the reasons this is happening, it is obvious they can no longer take any more chances.

  17. If scal came out with anytype of head gear (football helmet, boxing head gear etc.) I don’t know if i could ever stop laughing I’m crying just thinking about it.

  18. Helmet plus the “Jason Mask” and we might have a whole new Scal ;-)

  19. Its not going to happen but if Scal comes back with a helmet on that would be something and if he hits a clutch 3 at the Garden in the playoffs…. Crowd chatting Scalie, Scalie, Scalie.. that would be legendary.

  20. Red, any chance you could photoshop a hocket helmet on Scal so we can see what he would look like? Jesteroo now made me curious

  21. NO CELTIC GAME UNTIL WEDNESDAY!!! Little R & R eye candy. Enjoy

  22. Ok. Well, maybe Joe Smith will be more productive than Mikki, maybe not. Let’s give Mikki about 10 games before we get too worried.

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