Did Danny Blow It?

Danny Ainge pulled some genius moves last year to get the Celtics Banner 17.  But that magic hasn’t quite carried over to this year.  The Patrick O’Bryant signing was a total bust.  Sam Cassell never got off the bench.  We’ll have to wait and see how the Stephon Marbury deal works out.  And now with Joe Smith and Drew Gooden being waived, the question is… Did Danny Ainge blow it by moving on Mikki Moore so quickly?

I’m sure KG’s injury added a sense of urgency… as did Oklahoma City almost literally waiting until the last minute to waive Smith.  But one has to wonder if a little patience would have paid off.


14 Responses

  1. No matter what some say I think Boston was not Smith 1st choice. It’s interesting to me that it took them this long to buy Smith out. Isn’t Thunders GM close with Clevands GM as well? If Boston was really Smiths 1st choice he certainly did not get his message across very well.

  2. OKC waived Smith at the last minute… Imagine we did wait patiently for Smith until the very end but he decided to play for the Cavs… Wouldn’t we be screwed?

  3. If money were not an issue, they would buy out TA and get Joe Smith anyway. If only…

  4. Injuries probably played a role in the hastened moves. He had to play the hand he was dealt

  5. I would blame Danny if Joe Smith had sent out any kind of signal that he expected a buyout and wanted to come to Boston, but he didn’t. He talked mostly about staying where he was, and until the very last minute it looked like he would stay. I’m not sure I buy this retroactive “Boston was his first choice” stuff. All he had to do was say that while he was happy where he was and loved the teammates/fans there, KG is his buddy and there was something special in Boston he would like to join if possible.

  6. Some reports indicated Joe Smith would stay with OKC so Danny Ainge had to make a swift decision to get Moore. Joe Smith, Cavs and OKC definitely planned this out. You know what screw them!

  7. we signed the best player available, a guy who at one time was a franchise player, to come off our bench and a 7 ft energy guy…Joe smith has become entirely overrated in celtics blogs around the net, honestly who cares about him…and gooden is a flat out bum, he can put up numbers but hes as dumb as a rock, and cares more about strip clubs then he does winning

  8. Watching Gooden is like watching paint dry,besides its like a black hole when the ball goes into the post. Ainge worked with what there was. This is the team like it or not I ain’t looking back!

  9. I understand that Danny didn’t have much to work with (cap space / exceptions / budget), but Marbury and Moore? They aren’t significantly different from Cassell and O’Bryant, in fact they will probably hurt us more since they’ll play more (and they’re still worse than our starters+House+Powe).

    I just hope that we can cruise with the current lineup and rotation while resting the big four more so that they’ll be able to play 48 per in the playoffs.

  10. Danny is not a fortune teller. He makes moves (usually pretty good moves) based on the info he has. I think he was very patient and made the moves just in time. The new additions may need every game available to be in a position to help the team during the playoff run. I hope they hit their stride sometime during the 1st round of the playoffs.

  11. No (promising) young players or expiring contracts to trade….Joe Smith played too hard to get…. half of the existing bench on IR….no appreciable salary cap room… he’s Danny Ainge not Jesus Christ.

  12. Marbury will allow House to play more off the ball and will allow Rondo and Ray Ray some rest. Also if we play small ball the big 4 plus Starbury is sick. All dependent on him not being a defensive liability…

  13. mikki moore isn’t that bad plus he plays with energy. steph will be steph but i think kg will keep him at bay.

    and i believe come playoff time we’re a totally different beast who cares about homecourt lets win this one on the road!

    these teams better not underestimate us cause that is exactly how they get beaten by 39 points! booyah!

  14. […] being waived, the question is… Did Danny Ainge blow it by moving on Mikki Moore so quickly? Red’s Army (Celtics) “Joe Smith has had a long career, and most of that career has been spent on very bad teams. […]

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