Power Rankings

I apologize – it’s been a few weeks since my last Power Rankings. For the thousands of readers who emailed me demanding updated rankings – here goes:

1. Lakers – Still on top despite the two-game losing streak (PHX and DEN). Phil Jackson needs to be careful with Pau Gasol’s minutes. Road games against POR, SA and DAL next week.

2. Celtics – I sleep much better with KG in uniform. Marbury and Moore will help, but Scal’s head injury keeps bench thin. Afraid this team will run out of gas in the Finals.

3. Cavaliers – Latest reports have Joe Smith back in Cleveland. After watching a few Cavs games recently, I’ve realized what everyone else already knew – Mo Williams is pretty damn good.

4. Spurs – Popovich is always resting his guys, yet they still come down with nagging injuries. Rumored to be after Drew Gooden.

5. Jazz – Riding 8 game winning streak. Carlos Boozer is back. The trendy pick to make some noise in the West.

Give me your Fave Five…in the comments section.


25 Responses

  1. Current Rankings: (I said “current” so please don’t bite my head off)

    1) Lakers – They are still stronger than Cavs and our boys in Green so far this season. 4 – 0 vs. Cavs and Celts doesn’t win them the title but it proved they are tougher than last year. I think L’s will breeze through the West. L’s better not relax and think they got the home court wrapped up. Celts and Cavs can still catch them.

    2) Cavs – This team came within one or two plays of beating us in Game 7 last year. They are even better this year with the addition of Mo Williams and soon adding Joe Smith. They will be even tougher to beat this year.

    3) Celtics – You guys are going to kill me for ranking our boys 3rd but I said current rankings. Its hard to judge the Celtics right now. We are without our General KG he means so much to the team. Also trying to “Fit In” new additons Marbury and Moore. Its going to take time. I truly believe Lakers and Cavs don’t have the best record wrapped up yet. We still have a chance to catch them.

    I don’t have a 4 and 5 because the rest of the league don’t have a shot at any of the top three teams in the playoffs in my opinion.

  2. What is our record without KG, something ridicolous like 16-4? I know alot of people think we lost these recent games because he wasnt there and hes the main leader of the team…I disagree..I say we lose both games either way, we arent missing just KG, we are missing scal filling in for him and also tony allen allowing pierce to stay fresh…we’ve lost plenty of games and played like garbage WITH kg, you know that right? the guys who are playing just have raise their focus level…they’ve been sleepwalking through the last 3 games all while working in 2 new guys who they have no chemistry with on the floor

    Lakers and Cavs, eh who gives a crap as far as im concerned…Cavs have had an easier schedule than us, and get the benefit of the refs WAAYYY more then we do..just last night they shouldve lost, but didnt because of a bogus non-call and then Lebron getting the call on the other end in the final seconds…What I’ve noticed lately is the celtics playing alot of 5 on 8, but unfortunately its been this way for months, they call the celtics tight, and let the opposing team beat us up with no whistle…if this continues in the playoffs we got no shot

  3. Not a top 5, just a quick note: Joe Smith is ineligible for the postseason since he didn’t sign before March 1st.

  4. Actually, I’m pretty sure that all he needs to do is be bought out by March 1st, which he was.

  5. 1 – Celtics
    2 – Lakers
    3 – Cavs
    4 – Jazz
    5 – Spurs

    The Jazz will finish third in the west.

    If the finals were today, Lakers would be 1, and Celts would be 2….. but they aren’t.

  6. Also the record without KG is pretty good but most of it was from last year when the team had more depth. There is plenty of reason to believe the C’s win at least a few of these games with KG esp. the Clipper game. KG also plays very well against Detoit.

  7. Our record without KG, but WITH SCAL, is something like 11-1.

    Our record without KG and without Scal is like under .500.

  8. Don’t cut Detroit out. If they play like they played last night, they will give any team they play a lot of trouble. Depending on health, the refs, and unknowns like lady luck… they could also win it all. What I like about them is that they have the D (more than the Lakers, for example), the intensity, and the chemistry (with Iverson out).

  9. One thing they don’t have though is a playmaker like Billups.

  10. DRJ – please, im sick of hearing how masterfully detroit played yesterday and maybe we should throw them back into the picture, this is equivalent to saying the lakers better watch out for the suns, because the suns avoided the season sweep…the pistons played decent, we didnt play our game and theres little to no reason to worry about detroit, they havent played consistent like that all season and never play with enough passion consistently whether its the regular or post season…we’ve also won in detroit 5 times in the last 2 seasons..who cares about them, they belong nowhere near this list

    And no, I dont think we’re below .500 without KG this season, that stretch he was out with the flu, we went undefeated (5-0? something like that) and are now 3-2 without him recently, 2 of those being extremly impressive wins over the suns and nuggets
    I myself think KG has had an average season, and by his season the worst since his rookie season almost 15 years ago…we also had a 2-7 stretch WITH HIM, and lost to the likes of the Warriors, Blazers without BRoy, Bobcats, Knicks, etc…my point being is its nice to think we’d win any game right now if we had KG, but thats just not simply the case…the guys that are playing just need to play better and more inspired..since that clippers game they are simply going through the motions, and they arent winning that way with/without KG

  11. Baron– You are probably right that Detroit will not have that intensity every game in the playoffs. IF they did, they’d be trouble. But they probably won’t.

  12. And no, the pistons dont have a punchers chance in hell to win the title…dont be a fool..

    Also, blaming everything on AI is sickening..literally makes me sick, Im not a big fan of his, but DETROITS FRONT OFFICE MADE THAT DECISION…did they not know who AI was? of course they did. did they trade the heart and soul of the team? yup. is rodney stuckey a good PG? fuck no(good player, not pg) hell Rip is a better ball distributor then Stuckey..and thats who the pistons are ramming down Currys(god-awful clueless faggot) throat to play more minutes and mold into the there PG of the future (growing pains) If Rodney stuckey was still under the wing of billups, and was backing him up, cutting billups minutes allowing him to stay fresh…the pistons are legit contenders…but they arent as currently constructed…they got 3 shooting guards, 2 with giant egos trying to prove whos better and a rookie..no real ball distributor

  13. Also, the pistons are a week removed from tank mode, and something like a 2-10 stretch..they get a couple wins (mostly because of rip playing out of his mind trying to prove a point) and people around here starting fearing them…well not me…I think theyre an epic underachieving and constant going through the motions always comes back to bite them in the ass

  14. Also, I am so sick of the cleveland cavaliers its hard to put into words..has anyone noticed for the last couple of months how god-awful the refs have been in our games? AGAINST us, whether we’re at home or not? The opposing team can just bully us all night, yet if we breathe the wrong way, that whistle is instantly blown?
    Well, when I watch the cavs I see this same theme, except to their benefit…honestly its a joke

  15. I also think the lakers are a good team, as they were last year..but there defense is still suspect, almost mirage like in the way its fooled some people into thinking its good…they have no real defensive identity and will once again be in trouble come june

    I also think they are better team without bynum, so all the lakers idiots who cried and pleaded they wouldve won the finals with glass knees…Please…the lakers have played better basketball without him and also easily got through last years western conference playoffs without him (supposedly the greatest conference ever)
    the bottom line is they play better basketball without him, made the finals without him, so that excuse should be all but dead

  16. Baron on a rampage! Go Baron!
    – Detroit probably won’t make much noise, but if they get up for a game, they’re trouble. Not sayin’ we can’t beat them, but they’re tough when they get their gander up.
    – AI sucks as a team player… though he seems to try hard. It’s just not his thing. Not his fault he’s playing for Detroit, obviously.
    – The AI-Billups trade was super-silly, unless Dumars has some other intention for all that cap space that will soon open up. I suspect he does… probably wants to go younger.
    – Why the refs seem to consistently stick it to us and give Lebron a pass is mysterious. My theories run to the conspiratorial side… having to do with big money and young blood… and I won’t bore you with a repeat. Suffice to say that IT SUCKS. And it’s true, we have no shot if this continues into the playoffs.

  17. Anybody watching D.Wade vs. Lebthong tonight?

  18. Queen Jamie came back on Wade. Damn!

  19. Just saw Eddie House at the WWF wrestling. Its at the garden tonight lol

  20. WWF refs are better than the NBA’s

  21. I mean WWE… havnt watched it in a couple, ten years


  23. the lakers aint shit
    the cavs are over hype hailing a king who has no ring!
    the pistons are running out of gas
    the spurs the suns the magics and the hornets are just here for theatric’s

    and when the smoke clears i’ll be celebrating in the garden watching the guys raising banner 18!

  24. it seems to me the nba wants a lebron……kobe finals.!!offense sells not defense..

  25. OK, Here’s mine for right now:
    1. Cavs
    2. Lakers
    3. Celtics
    4. Jazz
    5. Spurs
    To clairify: I think the Cavs are playing the best right now. I think the Lakers are the best team right now. I think the Celtics have a very good chance of winning it all if we can get healthy. I still don’t see Utah or San Antonio dethroning the Lakers in the West. If the “good Celtics” show up in the Playoffs, we’ll beat the Cavs. If the “bad Celtics” show up, we’re toast.

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