Pruitt Returns

He practiced today, and is available on Wednesday.   He also talked about his arrest.

“This is the first time anything like that has happened to me and it was scary,” Pruitt said. “It’s not like I’m an alcoholic or anything, it’s just an individual experience, of one night. I just made a bad decision and I take responsibility for that — getting behind the wheel. I was able to drive. It’s not like I was swerving or driving fast, but the fact I got behind the wheel — it’s my fault.”


8 Responses

  1. Something like this can have an impact on a person, positively or negatively. Just a wild hunch, but i am guessing that we will be seeing Pruitt playing much better basketball as he puts the rest of his life in focus.

  2. Just curious: what stops us from pursuing Gooden and/or Smith?
    If we signed one of those guys, couldn’t we just put someone else on i-r?
    or waive someone?

  3. What’s the status on Gooden? Wouldn’t it be sweet if Drew Gooden can pay his former employer the Cavs some revenge in the ECF wearing the green.

  4. I get confused on this issue too, but I guessing if you cut someone now you are still responsible for him on the cap, meaning any additional player counts as pure luxury tax, making it very costly.

    Anyone else know?

  5. Excellent question DC… I don’t see why we can’t just waive someone if we want to sign someone. But since no one seems to be raising that possibility… I’m going to assume we’re missing something.

  6. I think its free game if a player was waived or bought out before March 1st – After that date the team is responsible.

  7. Found an article on Gooden’s status. Several championship contending teams are interested in Drew. Note: He has been battling a groin pull injury. I bet Ainge is in the mix trying to do something.

    After you open the link its about seven paragraphs down

  8. This is the kinda stuff that ruins chemistry. I’d rather lose than win a ring with this guy. He is a loser and there should be no place for him on this team

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