The New Lucky


I was at the Celtics game last Friday when during a time-out, this video was played on the big screen a.k.a. “CelticVision”.  This guy got the crowd going much more than Lucky would.  I think he would have a shot at being the next Lucky if he were about 8 inches shorter and actually wore some Celtics gear.


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    Here is the video with the original audio

    Reminds me of a topless fat guy dancing at the game i went to.

    Must be a fun job looking for funny people in the crowd and aiming your camera at them

  2. LOL – That will be me dancing up and down on my first visit to the Garden.

  3. I was at the game when this happened.

    I posted about it that night but nobody else knew what I was talking about at the time…. well now you know.

    One of the greatest performances of all-time.

  4. Damn I wish I was there…that was hilarious, and man, that kid’s got some stones

  5. What’s a song sung by a Jersey band being rocked out to at a Boston Celtics game? C’mon.

  6. Tim-I was at the game when this originally happened as well. My sister and I laughed so hard. He did this all off the top of his head as well. The little kid is probably the best though. If you’ve been to alot of games, you know who “The Little Kid” is. He and his Mom are always there. He was also featured in Boston magazine..

  7.’s “The Little Kid”:

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