Doc Is Crazy

Via the Herald:

“That was a bad job by me,” Rivers said the day after exposing Pierce to all but 18.5 seconds against Detroit. “I’ve got to get him out no matter what, even if we’re losing the lead.”

Depending on which newspaper you read, expect more/less minutes for Paul Pierce. I’m going to ignore any more talk about minutes and only react to actual minutes played. This topic is maddening.

The Patriot Ledger has the latest on Tony Allen:

Allen is scheduled to get the cast removed perhaps as early as late next week, and he’ll spend four weeks after that strengthening the hand. Allen is hoping he will be at least able to play in the last three regular-season games during the final week of the schedule in mid-April.

“I definitely want to come back before the playoffs just to get a rhythm and a flow of the game,’’ said Allen. “I’m working hard to get back so I can catch some games before we get to the playoffs. I’ll have to wrap (the thumb) up when I play to support it the rest of the (season).’’

In other news, Peter Vecsey reports the Lakers and Hornets are interested in Joe Smith.


2 Responses

  1. He keeps saying things like this but then never follows through with his promise of giving the young guys some minutes

    my guess is that doc will keep doing what he’s doing and if ray or paul want any rest they will have to ask

  2. Whos the best coach boston ever had red i would say but whos number 2.
    Some of the worst were rick pitino kc jones doc rivers.

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