Gooden, Smith Find New Homes

Gooden is apparently going to San Antonio

… and Smith is going to Cleveland.

Does this scare you… or are we overrating Joe Smith?


15 Responses

  1. Joe smith seemingly scored everytime he touched the ball in the semi’s. So yea, I’m a little scared.

  2. Ben Wallace was a weakness in the Cavs’ lineup. Joe Smith is better offensively, so this makes them a bit tougher there. In the end, it all depends on how our guys’ health and how they play, not on whether or not the Cavs have Joe Smith. So for me it’s a shrug and ‘ok, next’.

  3. Scares me!!

  4. Last year was last year for Joe Smith, means nothing right now. Hopefully karma comes back to Smith for his lying as well. Celtics did not have a chance since he was a former Cav and has a house there as well. What a bad liar he is. LOL

  5. concern very so…getting to finals is a must for us. If we don’t get there people are gonna be saying “asterisk!” I cant have that! LeBron is upgrading to beat us. They think we can be beaten so this concerns me. Anyways every win counts. i’m keeping tabs on or record since SM was signed. Wins otherwise ASTERISK! We better blowout the NETS or I want a recall!
    Concern? Yes…

  6. Asterick on what? They earned the championship last year. I could care less that Cavs think they can beat us. Do we think that teams are just going to lay down against the Celtics? Would be nice but it will not happen. Cavs better be worried I guess because Celtics think they can beat them as well.

  7. This fuels me even more to kick their fucking asses whenever we face them. COME ON BRING IT!

  8. I think steph and mike well be just fine give them time even though steph didnt score and had two turnovers sunday i think he looked good we need to give him some more shots or he needs to take a few more though hes made a couple really nice passes.

  9. If ray ever has a good game against the cavs we’ll beat them by 20

  10. For what it’s worth, I think its hard to overrate the value someone like Joe Smith brings to a team when you look at what PJ did for the Celtics in the playoffs last year.

  11. I wouldn’t worry at all.. first the celts have the experience under their belt moreso say a battled tested team plus looking at last year playoff with the cavs ray allen was the key he didn’t know what’s his roll during that stretch.

    Mo williams and joe smith even lebron can kiss my ass!

  12. Joe smith has been overrated be celtics fans, and the fascination with him is becoming creepy…

    and to Mike O

    Game 1: 2 pts,
    Game 2: 4 pts,
    Game 3: 17 pts 6 rebounds, in a game that was over after the first quarter (32-13)
    Game 4: 8 pts
    Game 5: 7 pts,
    Game 6: 9 pts
    Game 7: 6 pts

    these were joe smiths scoring stats against us in last years playoffs…Mikki Moore is capable of that series…GET OVER JOE FUCKING SMITH

  13. oh, and when Joey smith tried to guard KG, he was a revolving door, and the cavs worst 1-on-1 post defender

  14. I still don’t like late season acquisitions. It’s like an arms race. But I see why failing teams want to dump salaries and get younger and why contenders want to bulk up for the postseason. I just hope Danny comes out on top of this year’s arms race.

    I think Marbury was a huge pickup. Mikki Moore vs. Joe Smith seems to me to be six of one, half dozen of the other…but we’ll find out for sure in May.

  15. Sooooooooo not scared of the amazing pedestrian Joe Smith. Thats like being scared of Drew Gooden or Stromile Swift. It’s the refs and our corrupt commisioner Stern that worry me, they could end up beating the C’s.

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