More Minutes for Ray, Paul

Via the Globe:

Coach Doc Rivers said Pierce and Ray Allen will be candidates for added minutes as the Celtics await the return of Tony Allen (thumb surgery), Kevin Garnett (knee strain), and Brian Scalabrine (concussion, scheduled for more tests).

Pierce played all but the last 18 seconds in Sunday’s loss to Detroit.

Great news. Guess Doc doesn’t have one ounce of faith in Bill Walker or J.R. Giddens. One might interpret their lack of playing time as a knock on Danny Ainge. What kind of GM drafts useless bodies?

Sounds like Pierce is asking for some rest:

“Doc’s aware of it and he’s going to always try to get me more rest,” Pierce said. “Whether it’s playing other guys or playing guys out of position, it’s important we go into the postseason rested and also healthy.”

and for the rookies to see court time:

“They’ve been around and they’ve practiced all year long,” Pierce said. “So they can give us some minutes. The guys around them on the second unit can guide them along and we’ll have to throw them into the fire and see what they can do.”


14 Responses

  1. It’s time to start thinking playoffs. If Doc’s gonna go KC Jones on us and not play Gabe, Bill, or JR, then I say get rid of one of them and bring on Bob Horry.

    If you add Scal to the above triumvarite of nonplaying celtics, we basically have an 11 man roster–and that includes KG and TA. You take them away and we have 9.

  2. Doc. is more worried about his record it seems then the big picture. I hope he gets the message and cuts back minutes when the energy is just not there.

  3. It will end up biting Doc in the A$$

  4. Doc is simply one of the worst coaches in the league at handling a rotation, thats all it comes down to, we’ve seen it before and we’ll undoubtedly see it again

    he is a great players coach and even a good X’s and O’s guy but handling a rotation is just one of his weaknesses

  5. What I do not understand is how many more mistakes can the rookies make that TA already still does and still gets playing time? And would you want more chess pieces for the playoff’s? NOW is the time for them to take their lumps, not deep in the playoffs. Weird

  6. I’m sure Doc will rest the Big 3 the final few games of the season. It’d be nice if we had a 10 game lead on the league and the bench could develop a bit, but we’re down some games, some players and fitting in some new pieces and still in the hunt for homecourt throughout. Now is not the time to pull the reins back.

    So I’m with Doc. If we happen to slip and get 4 or 5 games back of the best record, then give them some rest. Otherwise, it’s a marathon til the end.

  7. If Pops was are coach are starters would have had a collective 30 games off by now, and we know exactly what to excpect from the likes of JR and Bill, but with doc, are starters looked gassed and are young guys get more D league time than sonny weems and malik hairston

  8. One of the problems is that fatigue is sometimes subtle with well tuned athletes. It can be just enough to lose a slight edge on defense or miss a three pointer with slightly tired legs, or a fade in overtime. Just taking these guys from 100% to 95% can mean the edge in a close game. Doc may not even notice the fatigue but it will show up in the game of inches. Could it even be the difference in diving for a loose ball late or have the top speed to take a charge? That is the issue. Subtle but a game changer

  9. From a story in the Boston Herald:
    “That was a bad job by me,” Rivers said the day after exposing Pierce to all but 18.5 seconds against Detroit. “I’ve got to get him out no matter what, even if we’re losing the lead.”

    Rivers goes on to say in the article that he needs to get Walker and Giddens more playing time:

    Rivers is on board and said, “On those nights right now we’re going to have to go with either Billy (Walker) or J.R. (Giddens) to give us three or four minutes until we get Tony (Allen) or Scal (Brian Scalabrine) back.”

    Then he tells the Globe he’s going to up Ray and Paul’s minutes?! What’s up, Doc?

  10. Um….UP their minutes..? Hopefully April will be a month of rest for them. We have 7 games, 5 of them at home, and only one game vs a “real contender.” I think March is huge for us-what happens this month will determine homecourt most likely. We have some games that we should (hate to use that word) win, Clippers, Bucks(minus Redd/Bogut), Memphis twice, Oklahoma City, but..we also have some tough ones: @Atlanta, @Orlando, @San Antone. Bottom line, we need wins-the more wins in March, the better chance Big 3 get rest in April. That’s my opinion anyways…

  11. Await the return of Tony Allen? I thought he was out until the playoffs? Doc must have his reasons for not playing Walker and Giddens. We as fans don’t know what’s really going on in the locker room and practices. Maybe the rookies just don’t get it and that’s why Doc doesn’t play them. We don’t really know do we…..

    I guess PP, Ray and the rest of the team has to come out blowing teams out so they can rest in the 4th quarter. That’s the only way to get some rest.

  12. (a) I don’t see how TA is a big improvement over Billy. Whatever.
    (b) Doc’s conflicting statements can be understood this way: He’s not referring to the fact that Paul and Ray HAVE been playing extra minutes. He’s comparing their time going forward to their times prior to all the injuries. That’s what he considers the “baseline”. So he’s saying Paul and Ray will play more minutes than their baseline… not more than they’ve been playing recently. Which means he intends to cut their time from the near-full-games they’ve been playing recently, but still leave them higher than the baseline. Whatever.
    (c) At least Doc admits his mistakes. There’s hope, then. Doc’s weaknesses (that I see) are rotations, and not making specific adjustments to the way the referees call games. (But he can be forgiven the latter because the refs often call it differently on one end vs. the other… one of the reasons the NBA is hemorrhaging fans.)

  13. I think KWAPT is correct. I think we will know who will have the #1 seed by the end of March, and we’ll know a lot more about our team.
    I think Doc is caught between a rock and a hard place. He’d like to go all out and get the # 1 spot, but he’d also like to rest up and go into the Playoffs at full strength. The one thing I don’t want to see is guys sitting out the last weeks to rest while we rack up a few losses. I know…you don’t want to risk injury, etc. but I’m a firm believer that you need to go into the Playoffs on a winning streak.

    a) me neither
    b) That’s an interesting take. You may be right. Doc shouldn’t be this hard to decipher.
    c) 100% correct.

  14. I’m with you Hardwood-and we have a good chance to go into the playoffs on a winning streak. Out of the final 7 games of the season, 5 are at home, with one vs Cleveland that could be huge. I hate to say this, but remember when coming into the Garden for most teams would be a guarranteed ass-whooping..? Man I miss those days. Those 1st couple months of the season we were just dominating. Let’s hope the basketball Gods are in our favor and things fall into place nicely the next month or so. This also may sound crazy, but anyone notice since Lucky was fired, the Celtics “luck” has been shitty..? Hmmm….

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