Scal Out For March

Via the Globe:

Celtics forward Brian Scalabrine is slated to be out the remainder of this month after being diagnosed with post concussion syndrome. Scalabrine suffered his third concussion this season against the Nuggets on Feb. 23 and has not played since. He is currently resting and won’t begin monitored basketball workouts until he shows improvement. Celtics coach Doc Rivers is hopeful that Scalabrine can return to action on April 1 against Charlotte.

Most of us are just glad he’s coming back – period.


14 Responses

  1. I believe there is no way Scal is coming back this season. Period. His reported symptoms are very serious, and the risks, both medical and legal, are too great. (The Cs are already vulnerable to a lawsuit for playing him so soon after his 2nd concussion and for not taking him out of the game immediately when he was knocked out and dazed the 3rd time. Not that there will be one.) They couldn’t play him even if Doc and Scal both wanted it. We can hope to see him next season.

  2. hopefully he can come back and stay healthy, Scal is huge coming off the bench, you have to feel for a guy who has come here and worked hard, only to be the laughing stock of the team for three years and then when he finally is able to work into being a intracate part of the team here… he suffers these recurring concussions, so hopefully he can get back and stay healthy and get back to contributing to the team

  3. I think Scal will be back. Granted he’s had 3 concussions in a month, but these types of injuries are fairly rare in the NBA.

  4. True-and he is a big piece of the puzzle in my opinion. Has playoff experience, hustles, knows the game, and gets the crowd fired-up.

  5. Scal get well we will need ya!

  6. Scal is not going to sue the Celtics.

    Jesus DRJ, do yo overreact to EVERYTHING you read?

  7. They can take a slap shit!

    Wonder if there is a way to make these things electrified?

  8. er… slapshot

  9. Until Scallie does come back, he should resume his role from last year of barging into press conferences uninvited and abusing the media. He’s more fun to watch than Doc.

  10. Hey Danno– read. I said it’s NOT gonna happen (lawsuit), of course. Just pointing out that both the lawyers AND the doctors are going to object. Believe me on the concussion thing…. he’s likely to be out a long time.

  11. Let me explain a little further. Each concussion leaves the brain more vulnerable. Blood flow can be dramatically altered. When they’re bunched up like this, the effect is cumulative. If he comes back too soon and gets hit again, he could die. Yes really.

  12. I believe we are still undefeated in games where Scal starts….. we need him back for the playoffs.

  13. What an unfortunate string of events to a genuinely good, blue collar guy. This is very serious, and it’s very worrisome.

    Get well soon, Scal.

  14. Tim-we are undefeated when Scal starts in 08-09.

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