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I miss KG.  We’re such a different team with him around.


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  1. Man, I think we all miss his presence playing and cheering on the bench. I hope he reconsiders joining the team on the bench for some cheerleading.

    Correct me if I am wrong I think we have KG on the books until 2011 – 2012. I wonder how much gas he really has left in the tank?

  2. Yes, KG is signed through 11-12. We’re actually staggering the end of the big 3 era.

    Next year is the last year of Ray’s deal… Pierce the year after that… and then KG after that.

  3. Damn – I miss him too…..as much as that dude Baron raved on the other day about how the C’s don’t miss him…


    Go and check out the points totals we’re giving up in the last few games…

  4. Wow .. Garnett does not miss any shot! ;-)

  5. Right now it looks like Ray will outlast all of them… smooth and efficient, he is not slowing down at all. KG is extremely valuable, but starting to become less reliable. If it’s due to age and infirmity–his intensity wearing him out–then the next two years will be difficult for this team. It’s also very disappointing and weird to me that he doesn’t even show up to games.

  6. Looking at the future of our team Ainge has some important decisions to make.

    In a perfect world we would want the current big 3 to retire in Green but……. if Ray’s deal is up next year, PP the year after and thereafter KG’s…. What will Ainge do?

    Loyalty rarely exist in sports its all business when contract negotiations come around. Will Ray take a pay cut and sign for two years or will he take more money elsewhere and get bounced around the league like a Horry?

    Its in Ainge’s hands and what is vision is for the future. I hate to say it but if Ray doesn’t take a pay cut then Ainge might have to try to trade him to built for the future.

    Depending on PP’s health I don’t think he is going anywhere. This guy is our franchise player and he will get what he wants. May have to take less dough if he wants a better team around him.

    KG is making a boat load and he won’t be moved. We have KG till his wheels fall off.

    On to the other guys. Rondo, Baby and Powe will be ready to get paid too.

    Overall, if we can keep Ray, PP for less money then we’ll be able to sign a younger free agent to stay as title contenders for the next few years.

    I hate to see the current big 3 break up after such a short time. I am having flashbacks already from the original big 3 at the end of their careers. It was sad to see.

    What do you guys think Ainge will do? and how loyal will Ray and PP become when their contracts are up…..

  7. I’ll be honest, I didn’t think KG was all that when I first heard the deal go down. Didn’t want to part with Big Al. But now I know there’s no denying how valuable he is to a franchise. And he’s the only one who can get up for a flashy dunk or grab an alley oop (besides Billy).

    Didn’t he say a couple months ago that he wanted to play until he was 40? He’s only 32 but it is his 14th season. I don’t see him playing like the old KG beyond 4 or 5 years from now. He’s starting to lose some tread on the old tires.

  8. We are getting way to far ahead of ourselves.

    Let’s deal with this year first.

    We have a tremendous opportunity to win another title and we should embrace and appreciate this opportunity instead of worrying about the future…. worrying about the future is Danny’s job.

    Imagine how much we would have given 2 years ago to simply be in this position as one of the favorites to win it all.

  9. Tim – Trust me I am embracing every minute of it.

    I know its Danny’s job to worry about the future but just want to make conversation about our team’s future.

    We all wanted 22 years for a title and would love to take #18 home this year and contend for more titles in the next several years. In order to do we have to look at our player’s contracts see what is possible and not possible.

  10. *waited

  11. Holy Sh*t put down the kool aid. We knew there was a window for the current team and its still wide open. I love these guys, would like to see the bench personnel improve but Danny is doing the best he can with what he’s got. I think Danny will make the moves in the coming years to replace the Big 3, maybe it will work maybe it won’t. But in the mean time I’m gonna enjoy every minute of this window while it lasts. F*ck the Cavs, they’ll choke in the playoffs and so will the Magic. I fully believe we’ll be watching the C’s on a sunday in june screaming “Don’t hurt em KG!”.

  12. Nah, we don’t KG on the bench before he’s healthy. He needs to focus on rehab, not flipping out on the bench every game.

  13. Ray’s 20mil come off the books the same year as the highly touted 2010 free agent class. Could we see a younger high potential free agent come in to replace ray? or maybe the better route would be to sign more players with the money, but less talented? I don’t see us giving Powe or BBD big money, we do need some more good bench players but if ray wants good money I don’t see why we would sign him, if we are going to be tied up in high contracts again, it better be to the likes of a Dwyane Wade. It’s gonna be interesting to see what direction this team heads in in the coming years. I just hope they remain competitive.

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