KG Sighting

Is that KG?

Garnett was spotted on a treadmill in the last few minutes of practice yesterday. Rivers said he had no timetable for his return.

“He’s moving a little better,” Rivers said. “He’s jogging now. Other than that, I just ask how he’s doing.”

Progress. Thank God. I know Garnett will be back to normal soon. And the silver lining in all of this is the rest which will help come May & June. But KG is our binky. His scowl and screams bring comfort to our green hearts. I’ll blog better once he returns that’s for sure.

The Globe profiles a day in the life of Big Baby:

Big Baby gingerly slides his size-16 flat feet into the warm pedicure tub at T & T Nails. Suddenly his face contorts in pain, as if the Celtics’ 6-foot-9-inch power forward has been scalded. The nail technician looks on in horror until Glen Davis breaks out laughing. Then she starts laughing, too.

It’s a great article and definitely worth your 5 minutes of time. He’s a good kid who has worked his ass off since coming to the Celtics. The payoff will come in the playoffs, when he hits that clutch 16-footer to nail down a victory over Cleveland in the ECF. Screw Joe Smith.

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2 Responses

  1. Baby is very likable. He does work extremely hard. And I think that jumper is coming along. It might not be falling as much as we’d all like… but it doesn’t look bad. It’s not like the shot is WAY off. How many times did the ball rim out on Sunday? The shot is right there. That’s going to start falling in the not too distant future. He’s going to keep taking it… and he should keep taking it.

  2. so…wheres the pic of big baby getting a manicure???

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