Saved by the Truth

Pierce Beat Nets

A Paul Pierce (31 pts, 12-14 FG) jumper with 20 seconds left proved to be the game winner as the Celtics squeaked past the Nets, 115-111.

Credit to Ray Allen for nailing a huge 3 with 1 minute left to tie the game at 111. This jumper came on the same play in which Ray hit the game winner against Philly.

The Celtics offense collapsed midway through the 4th allowing New Jersey to climb out of an 11 point hole. The reason was simple: they stopped running.

We also saw the return of Beastondo. Perkins (17 pts, 13 reb) and Rondo (20 pts, 5 assists, 5 reb) both had great games.

My favorite line of the night – Bill Walker’s 7 min, 2 pts, 2 reb, 0 TO. This kept Pierce from playing 40+ minutes. Way to go Doc!!!

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13 Responses

  1. It’s amazing how much better Paul is when he isn’t asked to play 48. Looks like Doc finally got it.
    It’s good to win, good to see Rondo and Perk hitting their strides. Good to see Billy in the game. Just a couple of bads…
    – Bad to once again blow a big lead late in the 4th. Ok, this time the Nets hit a LOT of big shots late to make it happen, but still… D disappeared for a time there in the 4th.
    – Baby has got to stop fouling guys taking 3 point shots.
    – Did you think it was weird for Rondo to take the Cs’ last timeout with 0:26 to go in the 4th… and the entire middle wide open with Paul at the top of the key?

  2. The Ray Allen 3 and the Pierce jumper with 20 seconds we’re great drawn plays by Doc (even though the Allen play had been used already)

    again, turnovers continue to haunt this team

    Big Baby had a terrible foul on a Net who was shooting a 3 pointer late

  3. -dumb foul by baby, but you act like he does it all the time, and he doesnt…there were alot of dumb plays and stupid fouls (that could’ve just as easily not been called) by our bigs
    – Rondo called the timeout, because doc was screaming for it.

    Good win…but didnt make me optimistic for friday, the celtics are lacking chemistry right now without KG, and scal to fill in and spead the floor…even TA not spelling paul and ray sucks (not a great TA fan, but he brings much more then bill walker at this point)

  4. The lack of confidence on offense by anyone other than Pierce or Ray is troubling. Always happy for a win though.

  5. Baron– Doc was screaming for that last timeout? Did you see that? I did not….

  6. Awesome game by paul pierce dude he showed up big time tonight and much props due to Perkins he also had a monster game……By the way I have come with the conclusion that REDSARMY.COM is far better than celticsblog and the rest of those sights. Reds Army for life LOVE YOU GUYS MAN. GO CELTICSS

  7. I meant sites not sights my bad

  8. dr j gorman said after rondo called the time out the doc was almost at halfcourt screaming for it

  9. We sure take PP for granted sometimes Goddam he is the TRUTH and he showed it once again! In a game like this against a mediocre team fighting for playoff spot its easier said than done. They got Rondo’d and PP’d tonight. We miss your presents KG!

  10. Its good to win!!!!

  11. I just bought tickets to my first ever celtics game..I’m going to the Bulls-C’s game in Chicago on March 17th…I’m sooo pumped!

  12. They got PP’d! haha, thats mad funny Santos

  13. Somebody mentioned that redsarmy is better than celticsblog… yes it is, by far. They practice some severe censorship over there… for example, if you write “that was a BS call”, they’ll delete it and warn you not to use “masked profanity”… HUH? Is that BS or WHAT. (And when I wrote that I’ve heard those letters spoken on CNN, no less, the response was that CNN could learn a thing or two from them. What can ya do? Gotta just walk away…..)

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