The King’s Killer Fart

Anderson Varejao gets a big whiff of a LeBron James’ bomb.

(Via Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard)


9 Responses

  1. You know Varefuck liked it – Lethong squirting dodo fumes on the bench now thats classy

  2. I can understand that I once farted and stopped a whole school bus

  3. Damn Jesteroo a whole school bus… what the hell do you eat or in your case drink?

  4. Good stuff…classsic..Let’s hope he does that on Friday and knocks out half the team..

  5. Back in high school I was comming back from a wrestling tournament, and ate 3/4 of pound of provelone cheese on a bet early in the morning. later that night on way back I dropped a S.B.D.. so I was faking like I was slepping and heard people start “my god” and “MAn alive” Who Sh*t” and i was laughing so hard they knew it was me, and it stunk so bad the coach yelled at the bus driver to pull over so they stopped the bus he pulled me outside and said if I ever did that again i would have to walk home. So I stopped a bus. Go Celtics

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  8. I have been partial to the odd fart in the lane. I play center and patrol the lane a lot cos I’m unfit, a stench certainly helps the defensive cause…..

  9. […] What’s not funny is the absence of muscle on Varajeo. You’d think an NBA power forward would bring some muscle to the court. Those Cavs sure have a sense of humor – remember this killer fart from the king? […]

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