Easy Road To Redemption

Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The road to redemption for Stephon Marbury is an easy one.  The formula goes something like this:  shut your mouth except only to say the “right things”, accept whatever role they give you, and produce when you’re on the floor.  So far… we’ve got check, check and for the most part, check.

Marbury has already said he’s accepting his role.  And honestly, his role fits what he’s trying do production-wise because the limited minutes help him ease his way back into the game.  While it would have been nice to see a few points last night (he was 0-2), I’ll take the 4 assists and 2 rebounds with only 1 turnover.  I think it’s clear that we’ll see some production out of this guy.

The “saying the right things” came last night in his first real opportunity to mouth off.  In the face of more media than usual in New Jersey, Marbury stuck to the party line.

“Going forward is the only thing that I wanted to do at the beginning of the year,” Marbury said. “And being able to have a fresh start with the best team in the NBA is refreshing.”

“The mind-set and the mind frame is to win a championship,” Marbury said. “That’s what guys think about and talk about in our locker room and on the bus. That’s the environment I’ve wanted to always be in, and coming off the bench is not a big thing.”

Since Marbury wasn’t going back to MSG, this was the New York media’s only chance to talk to him on their turf.  Good for Steph for keeping his composure.  He also explained that he chose the number 8 to symbolize his fresh start.

On a completely unrelated, but equally good note:  Kendrick Perkins says two of the technical fouls against him have been rescinded.  The T’s have tapered off… so the fear of Perk being suspended seems to be gone.

And the Celtics and Cavs have officially clinched playoff spots with wins last night.

Herald:  Celtics slip through NetsC’s Prez Rich Gotham scores in speech on success |  Globe:  Celtics eke by Nets |  Camerato: Celtics net win against former team |   NY Daily News:  Marbury’s chance has come to pass


9 Responses

  1. Did you hear Shaq diss Van Gundy…. I don’t think anyone can ever win a war of the words agains shaq, dude is just too nasty.

  2. I gotta a bridge to sell you if you think 0-2 with 1 turnover is a good line. OMG 4 assists! Of course he does cause he didn’t score himself you would think he didn’t hold the ball for 48 minutes

  3. If we don’t win the title that road to redemption aont gonna be very long.

  4. Gee, can the league also take back the SHOT the other side got for each of those technicals? Rather than allow the idiot refs to run roughshod over the players and coaches by calling techs whenever they feel like it, why don’t they just tighten up the rules for calling techs? As it is, it’s chaos out there sometimes.

    G4– Shaq may be nasty, but he’s very silly, classless and childish. He was dead wrong (because he did flop), got caught, but pouted like the spoilid bully-baby he is.
    Greenwithenvry– He also didn’t play 48. Marbury is going to be a huge asset. He’s already that, giving our key guys breaks they desperately need while keeping things under control in the game. Note: Many of his assists are not normal ones… only a top PG can make some of those passes.

  5. Greenwithenvy: Please read what I wrote:

    “While it would have been nice to see a few points last night (he was 0-2), I’ll take the 4 assists and 2 rebounds with only 1 turnover.”

    In 15 minutes… that’s not bad for a guy who is coming off a long layoff and into a new system. It’s a sign that he can find his new teammates and still protect the ball. A few points would have been good though.

    What do you want, a triple double?

  6. Marbury has made some absolutely spectacular feeder passes since coming here.

    Both he and Mikki Moore looked much more comfortable last night.

  7. The Jury is still out for me on Marbury but so far so good. I’ll take the four assists and no dumb f* cking comments coming out of his mouth.

    Greenwithenvy – I’ve never liked this guy either, but you gotta ask yourself would you rather have him or Sam never saw a shot I wouldn’t take Cassel? 4 assists to 2 fg attempts tells me were on the right track.

  8. The most important stat for Marbury is going to be the TO’s. All he has to do is hold down the fort while the Big guns get some rest. His presence on the court alone is already worth most of the money because opposing players have to respect his scoring ability so it will open up the floor for himself & other players.. i.e. Moore, & House.

    DRJ – Shaq admitted he flopped, he never argued the call on the floor. he didn’t pull a Varejo. Van Gundy was the one pouting and acting childish & classless because he called out an ex-player and challenged his manhood as Legler pointed out.

  9. the marbury experiment will definitely work, he is a good addition to that team.

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