Mannix Wants Marbury to Fail’s Chris Mannix is just one of many media members hoping the Marbury experiment blows up in Boston. Check out this excerpt from his latest column:

With the hot camera lights on him, Marbury was cordial. Affable, even. He answered a few softball questions about leaving New York, coming to Boston and having a chance to compete for a championship. He spoke calmly. He smiled. After a few minutes, several local reporters exchanged quizzical looks.

Was this really Stephon Marbury?

Then the cameras turned off. And the real Stephon Marbury returned.

He was asked how he felt playing the two-guard, a position he refused to play in New York.

“As long as I’m on the court, it doesn’t matter,” said Marbury.

He was asked if he had talked to incumbent point guard Rajon Rondo about his role with the team.

“I’m just here to help them win a championship,” Marbury deadpanned.

After that, Marbury brushed past the dozen or so media and disappeared back into the trainer’s room.

“At least we know it’s really him,” remarked one reporter.

What does he mean by the “real Marbury returned?” He answered the questions. Just because he didn’t answer them the way you wanted makes him an ass? And rather than simply saying Marbury walked away, Mannix had to use the term “brushed” to imply some sort of blowoff.

Of course there’s more:

In his first game with the Celtics, an adrenaline infused Marbury scored eight points in 13 minutes. Two nights later, Marbury crashed back to earth, scoring zero points in 12 minutes with two careless turnovers. On Wednesday, with the crowd booing the ex-Net every time he touched the ball, Marbury put up another goose egg in the scoring column.

How about mentioning Marbury’s 9 assists in 3 games? Or that he had the ridiculous task of guarding a guy 7-inches taller than him in the Detroit game?

Chris Mannix – you are a douche with an agenda.


13 Responses

  1. From what I’ve recently read about Marbury, and what I’ve seen of him, he seems like a pretty good guy to me. He does more charity work than just about anybody else in the NBA, and a lot of his past problems were caused by bad circumstances and bad coaches. I think he should be judged based on what WE SEE, not what some media piglets tell us.

    I think we’re all going to be very happy we got him.

  2. That article confused the heck out of me. Seemed like the last two answers were totally within the Celtics official lines. Sounds like he said ‘we’re focused on winning the championship’ which it what everyone on the team says, not ‘we’re trying to win now eff off.’ So how is that ‘really him’?

    Media, stop it. Just stop it.

  3. In a lot of ways, Marbury reminds me of Jim Rice. a little vain, and outspoken, and DOES NOT get along with the Media. But nearly all of his troubles in the game were because he question bad management or coaching decisions, and not because of a lack of talent or ability to play.

  4. Mannix is a terrible writer.

    He has balls though, I’ll give him that. I saw him get into the ring with Juan Manuel Marquez for a piece for at the boxing gym that I used to go to here in NYC.

    Obviously JMM went super easy on him (also, he had just finished his normal workout; plus in between rounds he was running in place) but he still kicked his ass for 3 rounds which was pretty funny. Glad I saw that after reading this!

  5. Mannix is a clown. He landed his writing job because his uncle used to cover the NFL for the Boston Herald.

    And he used to rock rec specs in CYO hoop…

  6. Sounds like it was Mannix’s girl that Marbury was trying to get road head from…

  7. So Marbury responds to a couple loaded, insinuating questions with direct, matter-of-fact bluntness and then walks away. That’s what I want him to do. He’ll let his actions do the talking. He’s got better things to do than jibber-jabber with second-rate writers who can’t do anything but follow their script in which Marbury fails. The real story is how Marbury is succeeding. Marbury’s already a success no matter how he plays because he’s following the team concept. It ain’t even about how he’s playing, but he’s playing pretty good right now, thank you very much. Haters like Mannix need to get a life.

  8. Mannix is an ass-clown to the nth degree…just another media dipshit who thinks he (and the media) is way more important and relevant than they really are. Honestly, who gives a flying fuck about the idiot reporters…most sports reporters suck and are assholes and if I was an athlete I wouldn’t talk to any of them…Mannix? CHB? Anyone from ESPN (except Peter Gammons)…screw them all!

  9. And by the way, I’m no fan of Marbury, even though I’m a lifelong Celtics diehard…I just hate (most) sportswriters!

  10. Mannix obviously thinks he is more important then anything else. These athletes have other things to do then cater to reporters, it is not their job!

  11. 5-1 odds Marbury gave Mannix a swirlie at some point in his life

  12. I don’t need some writer trying convince the Earth is flat… marbury said he’s not concerned with playing the 2 guard spot as long as he’s on the floor [check] …and hes focused on helping raise another banner [check check] ??? where’s the attitude?? Mannix sounds like those reporters that would follow T.O. around waiting for him to say something outrageous…and when he didnt they’d be pissed because they hadnt planned on actually doing any work.

    I’m sure this clown had his madlibs article already written with blank spaces for where he would put his “wild wacky zany” marbury comments haha …So strange it must be to be a sports reporter and write about ….”sports” … if he wants to write about drama and “what did he just say” …he can get an accent, wear bright colors and go be a reporter on E! news

  13. When asked what made him choose Boston Marbury replied..

    “This team has a great chance to win a championship and they buy into the team and defense first concept like no other i’ve been a part of”

    ….As you can see Marbury is clearly annoyed with the Celtic’s lack of offensive mindset and also took deep digs at the Big 3 by not mentioning Paul, KG, or Ray as reasons he chose the team…

    That writing strategy is similar to the episode of Boy meets world…where Corey and shawn are hiding from Mr Pheney in a closet ..and when he opens the door and glares at them …corey and shawn remain completely still and shawn says “Maybe if we don’t move he won’t see us” …unfortunately that was tv…and this douche Mannix is for real

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