Smith May Miss C’s Game

Joe Smith is uncertain for tomorrow night, according to the Globe:

The Cavaliers are expected to officially sign free agent forward Joe Smith today.

But the veteran forward, who was waived by Oklahoma City Monday, isn’t expected to practice with the Cavaliers and it’s uncertain if he will be in uniform for tomorrow night’s showdown between the top two teams in the Eastern Conference at TD Banknorth Garden

This is actually significant because he could help them tomorrow.  With KG and Ben Wallace out, Smith could fill a bit of a void.  And with only 1 game separating the two teams, this game could be huge.  Neither team is going to lose much the rest of the way… so a 2 game lead right now could almost be called commanding.  And while I don’t view home court advantage as crucial to this year’s team, it would be nice.


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  1. I think home court for the Celtics is important because the Cavs don’t play nearly as well on the road as they do at home. But the Cavs have a favorable schedule ahead and are likely to get first place in the East. I’m really happy the Lakers own both tie-breakers!!

  2. enough with joe smith already… please :-) ?

  3. I am more concerned about how our defensive will hold up against obviously LeThong and their key guys Mo’, Z, and Delonte , etc. Without KG as our Defensive Gangster we might get LeThong’d tomorrow night. PP, Ray and Rondo has to step it up once again – Our Bench has to be huge factor too. Its a big game and we need to win especially on our home turf.

  4. Random question: who is redsarmysoldier?

  5. My brother

  6. I’m worried about 3 things (not one of them is Mr.Smith)

    1)contain the King (can’t stop him)
    2)interior D
    3)biggest worry…Turnovers!

    Should be alot of fun. I’m going and can’t wait..

  7. Have you guys seen this?

  8. Pressure is on the Cavs – If we can pull off a victory without KG vs. a Cavs team with the best record in the East that will proof a lot. Everyone on our team has to get down and dirty… diving for loose balls, cut down on TO’s, big plays from the bench and our starters must not disappoint. If all stands true than we will come out on top. Team D’ is key!

    Somebody PLEASE come out and JET LI LeThong’s arms off when that bitch throws the white chalk in the air. Its not allowed in BOSTON!

    ESPN broadcast right…. Oh God not Mark Jackson (Kobe’s boyfriend), Van Dorky and the other dude that has no clue about basketball. I hope its Hubie Brown he knows what he is talking about.

    Get ready for a battle!


  9. You mean Mike Breen Santos..?

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