At Least Another Week

That’s what Doc Rivers says:

“He ran (Thursday), he told me, on the treadmill, and he said he felt great,” Rivers said of Garnett. “Other than that, that’s the first day he’s been able to run. We’re just going to take our time. I would say at least a week, and most likely longer.”

Garnett will miss games against Cleveland (tonight) and Orlando (Sunday) and is doubtful for a visit to Miami (Wednesday) and a home game against Memphis (next Friday).

Selfishly, I want him back now.  I like watching the Celtics so much more when he’s playing.  However, I’m in full favor of the conservative approach with him.  I don’t want him rushing back and missing playoff time.


7 Responses

  1. Better safe than sorry-however, I would hope he’s back by the end of March-that way he has a good 3 weeks to get back to full-speed by 1st week of playoffs. has a great gallery of C’s photos today. Some classic old stuff featuring Cousy, Heinsohn etc.

  2. We could use him tonight.
    Time for everybody to step up to the plate.
    I say last chance at getting home court at least in east.
    Dont think cleavelands gonna lose anymore games.
    E. Rush E. Malloy Z. Zarba will be calling there own game.

  3. kwapt – That last pic of Rondo with roller skates LOL I am sure his teammates will give him hell for it.. hahaha.

    Are you a season ticket holder? Going to the game you lucky bastard! I am stuck here in Northern Cali dying to go to my first C’s game.

  4. omg that is hilarious. I bet rondo hates the day he decided to pose for hat shoot.

  5. There’s a video about Rondo skating, etc…

    Note: If KG comes back on Friday March 13, that would make it almost exactly 3 weeks that he’s out. That matches the length of time he was out last year (when he went out Jan 25). Could be coincidence. Could be….

  6. Give it a rest DRJ there is no other reason why he is out besides being injured. KG is injured, if he suddenly became healthy to play the Cavs game I might find it strange but he is not.

  7. Meryl Streep: “I have…. doubts” (busts out crying)

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