We Need This One

Championships aren’t won in March, but wouldn’t it be sweet to see the KG-less Celtics beat the Cavs tonight? It would be the perfect pick-me-up for Celtics nation. The Truth:

“We just want them to understand this is our home court. We have to protect our building and we’re trying to win the season series.”

It appears the Cavs will have Joe Smith in uniform.

“More than likely, I will be out there,” said Smith, who didn’t practice yesterday.

LBJ and Mo will get theirs, so will PP and Ray (we pray). I look to the role players. Our guys (Rondo, Perk, Marbury) need to outperform their guys (Gibson, Varejao, West).

Here’s the latest Sports Illustrated Players Poll:

Which player would you least like to have on your team?

Stephon Marbury, Celtics G…..22%
Ron Artest, Rockets F…..9%
Stephen Jackson, Warriors F/G…..5%
Kobe Bryant, Lakers G…..5%
Gilbert Arenas, Wizards G…..5%

Kobe? I realize we hate him, but 5% of the league does too? It’s nice to know we aren’t the only ones who can spot a two-faced douchebag.

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28 Responses

  1. Gilbert Arena by a mile!

  2. Yeah.. Arenas would be at or near the top of my list too

  3. It would be a “nice to have.”

    I wouldn’t call it a must.

    I’ve resigned myself to starting the ECFs on the road. Once you do that, the only thing left to worry about is getting healthy and integrating the new players, the injured players, and the rest of the team.

  4. You wonder why free agents rarely go to LA.

    I guess we know why now.

  5. Seriously? Hating Kobe is fine but why would u even include mister 22% on the list? Really smart ” I agree with 5% of the league but those 22% r idiots” what if he underperforms tonight r u gonna make excuses. Tonight is stephons make it or break it for me period.

  6. 3 games into his season after being off for more than a year is make or break?

    are you fucking kidding me?

  7. 5% of the league is like 22 players. My guess 15 wear green so u are claiming “7 players hate Kobe just like me” Get smart people read this stuff.

  8. Excuses anyone? He is dirt. 22% don’t want him why do you? I’m sure if we lose tonight you will claim refs or crab dribble. The whole world is watching tonight

  9. You’re a fucking idiot.

    go troll elsewhere.

  10. Since most people sense, or are at least resigned to, a loss tonight… I think we’ll win. Crowds have a way of being wrong. Two keys: D, and the refs. With CLE ahead by 2 Ls, the league might, might wanna call this one for us this time (yeah, but not holding my breath).

  11. No offense taken but seriously being overjoyed by what SM has showed so far, using those poll numbers and making the kobe comment isn’t very smart. I dislike Kobe but not enough to make retarded claims. Is being unwanted by 22% better than 5%?

  12. I’m sure the “whole world” has better things to do than watch our backup point guard.

  13. A win tonight would be great. I think everyone’s had this game circled for a while. I will be there, screaming my lungs out as usual. Important to keep the turnovers down tonight. If anyone’s interested, here are the refs for tonight (*gulp*): Eddie Rush, Ed Malloy, Zach Zarba.

  14. so looks like the ” refs” angle is ready just in case. As for who’s watching who… If you think tnt isn’t gonna play up an it an idiot.

  15. The Celtics aren’t on TNT. Tonight, or Sunday.

    So I guess they won’t be playing up anything.

  16. lol @Danno……I guess with the nice weather a few trolls emerged from their underground lairs this morning..lmao

  17. Good one danno still have not answered the 22% question. Wait ur to smart to answer it. Is calling me a troll like blaming the refs?

  18. As long as that 22% doesn’t include anyone on this Celtics roster, it’s completely fucking irrelevant.

    The NBA isn’t a fucking popularity contest. You don’t win championships for being Miss Congeniality.

    Everybody hated Larry Bird too, because he was a shit talking jerkoff and would start fights with anyone. Same goes for Shaq, Jordan, Dr. J, etc.

    I’m not putting Marbury in their talent category, but I really couldn’t give two fucks about his popularity level. Why don’t you go watch American Idol or some other stupid game show popularity contest bullshit and leave the actual BASKETBALL talk to the adults, hmmm..?

  19. Personally, the players I would most hate to have on the team would be the ones who suck up all the money and give you nothing in return. TMac comes to mind. AI too. Steph? Steph’s an All Star getting the vet min and giving us his all. Gotta agree with Danno… don’t give a damn what the rest of the league think… we’re lucky to get/have him.

  20. It’s a no lose situation for the C’s. They have no long term commitment to him. they can cut him whenever they feel like it, and he’s costing us next to nothing.

  21. So what u r now saying is I’m correct by pointing out howstupidthis poll is and it’s usage is retarded. Why do I have be called troll when u all agree with me

  22. Please type in full words and sentences.

    This isn’t an AOL Lesbian chat filled with 12 year old boys.

  23. The Kobe 5% in the poll are all members of the laker organization.

  24. Danno..you’re killing me! -you’re hilarious…

  25. yeah danno you should do stand up or maybe you should try american idol. Someone put a jersey on danno we need him tonight we are missing the white guy

  26. I’ve gotta get around to writing a one-off or two for Red’s army. It’s been a while since I worked up a good chuckle or two

  27. look fwd to it Danno.

  28. A similar poll shows that 87.6% of the league is creeped out by Marv Alberts.

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