Double Trouble

Alternate headline:  How not having KG helped the Celtics beat Cleveland.

It comes from a simple little quote in Scott Souza’s piece today.

“I expected them to have a hell of a game,” Rivers insisted. “If you are going to bring a big (man) away from the bucket (to double Allen), and you have two bigs under the bucket, you basically think you are going to get layups.”

You know there’s no way they’d double like that with KG around.  Hey, if I’m coaching against the KG-less Celtics… and I know that shutting down Ray Allen can disrupt the Celtics offense, then of course I’m sending someone off Big Baby or Leon Powe to double.  However, the Celtics still managed to run their offense and swing the ball around to the open guy… and the open guy delivered the whole game.  Cleveland went into the game saying if anyone was going to beat them, it was going to be KG’s replacement.  And KG’s replacement beat them.  Once they had to respect that 5th option, then it allowed Ray and Paul Pierce to go nuts.

Credit to our big guys.  They made the Cavs pay.


One Response

  1. Did you see Leon just brush Joe Smith aisde like a bug..nice. If Leon is peaking now, watch out league…

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