No Suspension

Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

As the dirty/not dirty debate over this play rages on, the league has ruled that Glen Davis will not be suspended for it.

After reviewing footage from the Celtics’ win over Cleveland Friday night, when the Celtics forward was assessed a Flagrant 2 foul and ejection for his clothesline-style takedown of Anderson Verajao, NBA officials decided today that no further penalty was necessary.

Good news for the Celtics, who are obviously shorthanded already.

And one further note… I want to publicly clarify my comment about Tom Ziller and how much Celtics basketball he watches.  I know how that can come off… but I was trying to make the argument that the full body of work should show that the Celtics aren’t dirty… and even someone who watches every nationally televised game will not have seen enough of a sample to really make that determination.

I know people have strong opinions on both sides… so please, keep it respectful in the comments… and don’t go running over to FanHouse to bash Tom.  Don’t go acting like those Lakers trolls who used to hang around here.


10 Responses

  1. They got it right twice.

  2. Thanks for posting that perfect shot of Baby’s hands on or just next to the ball. You are a tad kinder to Ziller than he perhaps deserves… must be an ‘honor amongst bloggers’ thing. Peace.

  3. I cannot bear living in a society where, regardless of their size, Baby’s are penalized.

  4. Glenn “Big Baby” Davis graduated last night as a “Clean” but Tough “Don’t bring it in the paint Bitch” Defender. He is hitting his Jumpers like a seasoned vet too.

    In my book his new nickname is…


    I am sure KG dropped a tear or two watching his backup Big’s by committee dropped 40/20 on the Cavs.

    Perk The Beast I, Officer Powe , and The Beast II our second set of Big 3.

    Can’t be prouder last night!!!!


  5. B ad
    A ss
    B aby
    Y o!!

  6. Good call L. lol..Next time you’ll think about coming down low ya big Raggedy Ann looking..That goes for the Fakers, the Hers and the Pissytons too.

  7. SUSPENTION for what the BITCH is a flopper Baby should of broke his fuckin neck for coming after him!!

  8. Players should be rewarded for fouling Varejo or any other player who flops around like a soccer star trying to draw a yellow card.

  9. No rondo today or for a while it sounds time for stephon to step up.

  10. […] Funny… I thought that when the league downgraded Baby’s play to a flagrant one, they clearly said it was NOT an obvious head-hunting attempt.  Of course, let’s ignore that and keep saying what we want to say about Boston… even though Davis got not one, but TWO hands on the ball in that play. […]

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