Prettiest Passer In The League

Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

All you need to know about that photo (click for larger image) is that Rondo got the ball to Perk.  Forget the fact that it looks like he’s 5 feet off the floor or that he looks like he’s 5′ 2″ next to Big Z… just know that with two of the biggest players on the Cavs roster between him and his target, Rajon Rondo STILL managed to get Perk the ball.

There is no one at all that makes the kind of passes Rondo makes.  It’s gotten to a point where I’m rewinding the game 5 or 6 different times every night just to see how the hell he made that pass.  I watched most of the first half from the gym last night, and there were a few times where people were looking at me funny because I was hooting and hollering at what Rondo was doing out there.

Rondo throws the prettiest, and most impossible, passes in the league… hands down.  He’s also making some damn pretty plays on offense.

I thought he was going to pass it to Pierce too.  I think everyone did… which is probably why he took it himself.  Hell of a play.

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Dancer photos after the jump… including my favorite Celtics Dancer waving at me when she saw me walking to my seat.

all photos courtesy Getty Images


2 Responses

  1. Thanks Phoenix for this pretty gift called Rondo!

  2. you guys r funny! prettiest passer in the league??? HAHAHA LMAO…ever heard of CP3 or Deron Williams??!! seriously! LOLOLOLOLOL. wow i guess this isnt that surprising considering you guys thought ALL the celtics starters should be in the all-star game. you guys went balistic when rondo didnt get selected. do u know how u stupid you guys looked?! get ur head out of ur asses!

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