Rondo Out, Davis Vindicated

Stephon Marbury might get the start.

Rondo sprained his right ankle in Friday night’s win over the Cleveland Cavaliers and had “pretty bad” swelling, according to Rivers. The coach would not full commit to Rondo’s absence, but all indications were that Rondo will not play.

“It’s sore. It swelled up pretty bad,” Rivers said. “I don’t know right now [if Rondo will play]. I would say it’s doubtful. We’ll see.”

And not only is Glen Davis NOT suspended for today’s game… the league reduced the call against him for the Varejao incident to a flagrant-1.  I feel vindicated too.  Now the league, and everyone, should know that there was no bad intent on that play.


11 Responses

  1. If marbury gets the start this may just be a coy to get Marbury some extended minutes to see how he will produce with the first unit. Should be fun to watch!!

  2. There’s definitely that benefit. He’ll be immersed in the offense.

    Hopefully this doesn’t linger for Rajon.

  3. Great point Double P. Let Rondo rest-he’s a tough kid that takes an absolute beating every night. That kid throws his body around and hits the floor hard each game-and you never hear him complain. Time to shine Marbury.

  4. Sounds like he’ll miss at least 2 games but lets see more stephon this is what we got him for and why we kept cassell on the bench.

  5. Turnovers guys! Damn-they have 7 already. Tighten it up boys.

  6. This is gonna be an ugly game. Should illustrate exactly why Rondo is so valuable.

  7. Rondo is our V12 engine that makes us run – We are missing that and it really shows how valuable Rondo is.

  8. This first half reminds me of the Celtics team from two years ago….. two more quarters to go….. it ain’t over yet!

  9. Not surprised by Rondo out… he was limping a bit in the 4th on Friday. Could take 7-10 days to heal well enough to play. Ouch.

    I cannot remember a worse half of basketball by the Cs than this 1st half vs. Orlando. Terrible. Adversity has arrived, and she is gathering strength.

  10. Bob Ryan of the Boston “”Ultimately I think it’s the Lakers year.”

  11. Aww there goes half of Ziller’s argument.

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