Rondo Out 7-10 Days?


A source has informed’s Liam Martin that starting Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo could miss seven to 10 days with a sprained ankle.

The measure is believed to be precautionary, as Rondo finished Friday night’s game against the Cavaliers after suffering the injury in the first quarter.

These injuries are really starting to piss me off.


20 Responses

  1. Looks like Doc will have to play Pruitt.

  2. At full strength, the C’s are almost as good as LA. But they’re not deep enough, as recent injuries have revealed. In a BOS/LAL finals, home court could be the deciding factor. LA’s got a tough road schedule ahead so their lead in the standings could slip a little.

  3. well.. this sucks doubly for me… Rondos my fav celtic and we need him to win games.. AND hes one of my fantasy bball players and im gunna struggle horribly with him out

  4. Ohhh give me a break. Lakers are without Bynum for at least 2 months this year and didnt have Bynum and Ariza for about half the season last year. Magic are without Jameer for long time. Cavs lost Big Ben and Delonte for extended periods. Celtics are lucky they are just getting hit with a couple minor injuries.

  5. J. Doe, any team in the league would be in trouble if they were missing 5 injured players, including their point guard and the anchor of their defense. You can’t make a team deep enough to withstand missing 5 players without a few hiccups. And despite the hiccups the C’s are only 2 games behind the Lakers. So I don’t think the Celtics lack depth.

  6. “A couple minor injuries”.. that’s funny. Let’s see…
    Currently out are:
    Kevin Garnett
    Rajon Rondo
    Glen Davis
    Brian Scalabrine
    Tony Allen

    Previously, we lost…
    Kendrick Perkins for an extended period.

    The remaining “roster” includes two guys who’ve been playing with the team for just a couple of weeks, plus 2 rookies recently up from D-League.

    What does that leave us? 5 guys: Paul, Ray, Eddie, Leon and Gabe. (And Gabe’s not exactly a veteran.)

    Uhhh… you wanna compare that to one or two players out on any other team? Truth is, we hardly have a team left.

    Truth is, I think we can forget getting first seed. Let’s get the young guys some playing time, and most important, get Marbury some PRACTICE time (which is much more valuable to him that playing time, since he doesn’t yet know what to do when he’s actually playing… needs to LEARN, not run around helplessly.) The playoffs will be tough, but if we are REASONABLY healthy (not “completely”, which I give up on)… we will shine.

  7. DFish – Derek Fisher, him the with magic sneakers that make him invisible to refs with under 5 seconds remaining?

  8. Oops. Him with the magic sneakers. Where can I get a pair of those?

  9. Rondo might be the most important player to the success of this team.

  10. Small correction. We now have 6 healthy guys: Perk, Paul, Ray, Eddie, Leon, and Gabe. Plus 2 rooks and 2 noobs. Youch.

  11. Fellas, I hate to say it, but this may be the Year of the Laker (on the old Chinese calendar).

  12. Fantasy’re f’in kidding right? As always, trying to take something positive out of this, Marbury will get some needed p.t. If this guy is going to be counted on to come off the bench and score/run the point in the playoffs, he needs more burn.

  13. fuck.

  14. keep looking for silver linings!

  15. i second jj’s motion.

  16. I think Rondo could come back sooner but Doc just thinks we could give the others a run and give the starters some rest. I would not be surprised if Ray and Paul sit out a couple games as well. This year Atlanta is not as big a threat as they were last year, the Magic….they almost lost to a Celtics team that was pulling fans from the stands to suit up, we kicked their ass in Orlando. Paul has LBJ’s number, he seems to know how to play Lebron better than anybody else that has played him 1 on 1. I think it’s time Doc play our rooks the rest of the way along with Marbury and Moore. Let them play small ball and give the rest of the team some rest.
    Who ever that mentally challenged fool that was comparing Ariza and Bynam to KG and Rondo is a clown. Lets see how well they would do if they lost Kobe or if the Cavs lost James.

  17. […] don’t know who Liam Martin’s source was, but it wasn’t Rajon Rondo… because Rajon says the Orlando game is the ONLY game he […]

  18. I don’t wanna here anything about how much team you guys have left. You entered the season with an extremely short bench, knowing this could happen. Who’s fault is it that you have 2 rookies, 2 guys you just signed, and 2 guys that have no business on a championship team? If you only have 9 capable guys to start with, you can’t complain when some of those guys get hurt. Prepare yourselves better next season.

    On the bright side, it’s probably a good think KG went down. There’s no denying he’s getting up there in age, and he was playing too many minutes. He needed this to be ready come playoff time.

    If you compared the injuries to the Lakers, if they had a decent backup PG, they’d be just fine without Rondo. While he’s a break player, its not hard to run an offense with Pierce and Ray Allen. KG is a similar role to the Celtics as Bynum is to the Lakers. Neither team struggles on offense without them, but there is a big change defensively. So when KG misses half the season 2 years in a row, complain. Scal is equivalent to Josh Powell, who cares if they’re out. Glen Davis and Ronny Turiaf, who the Lakers were deep enough to let walk. Tony Allen? No one to really compare him to (PLEASE do not compare him to Ariza). The fact is the Lakers could handle those injuries, and Celtics are falling apart. Hopefully they’ll be healthy come playoffs and we can have a Finals rematch and the Lakers will show up this time to make it a real series.

  19. BringDFishBack- The Lakers made it to the Finals just fine without Bynum; he is nowhere, I mean NOWHERE near as valuable as KG, especially during the playoffs. Bynum being out is more comparable to Rondo being out. Both are good to great players than can dominate a game at time, but not the first or second best players on the team. The Lakers are not going through anything like this, and they haven’t in the last two years. Five regular rotation players is a hell of a lot worse than one regular rotation player, I don’t care how good you think Bynum is. So don’t ever compare this situation to the Lakers situation again, because the Celtics are in deep shit right now.
    Look at it this way; instead of just having Bynum out, you have Bynum, Odom, Farmar, Powell and Ariza out. Thats what the Celtics are going through right now.

  20. Oh, and pretend D-Fish got hit on the head and can only remember a couple of the Lakers plays and is playing like he hasn’t played basketball in a year.

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