Injury Updates


The Celtics will be without five players when they take the court on Wednesday in Miami against the Heat as Rajon Rondo and Glen Davis have been ruled out by coach Doc Rivers with sprained right ankles.

Rivers added that he doesn’t expect Kevin Garnett back until the end of next week at the earliest when the team plays at San Antonio and Memphis.

Maybe they can sign someone to a 10-day contract.  Then again – he’d just sit on the bench while Doc played Ray and PP 48 minutes each.


11 Responses

  1. I’d guess Powe will start. If any of Powe, Perkins or Mikki Moore get in foul trouble or hurt who’s the next biggest guy on the team? It’s Pierce isn’t it?

    If there’s some small ball it’s understandable.

  2. I smell a Kandi-man signing or Kevin Pittsnogle

  3. I think powe should have started over glen anyway.

  4. We’re at the max. We can’t sign anyone without cutting someone.

  5. NBCSports reports this:
    “Boston Celtics All-Star Kevin Garnett will miss at least two more games with a right knee sprain. Coach Doc Rivers said Sunday that Garnett won’t be back “earlier than next Sunday.””

    When did KG’s right leg “muscle strain” morph into a “knee sprain”?

  6. I always remember it being a knee strain, but maybe I’m crazy

  7. ESPN, Feb 21, 2009 — “Kevin Garnett suffered a posterior muscle strain of the right knee in the Celtics’ 90-85 loss to Utah on Thursday night, the Boston Globe reported Saturday.” A muscle “strain” is way different from (and much less serious than) a knee “sprain”, which means ligament damage. The whole story about KG has been muddled.

  8. Sign Coach Don Nelson to a 10 day contract to run some small ball

  9. It’s like dislocated shoulder and separated shoulder… two completely different injuries, but people think they’re the same. People get ‘strain’ and ‘sprain’ mixed up all the time.

    FYI: Dislocated shoulder is when it pops out of the joint… a separated shoulder is damage to the ligaments holding the collar bone to the rest of the shoulder.

  10. I like Santos’ idea. And Billy Walker better get some go& da%n pt this week. Sheesh..

  11. start gabe at point and play walker or j.r! i don’t wanna see pierce and allen playing 40mins per game.

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