Rondo May Return Wednesday

AP Photo

AP Photo

I don’t know who Liam Martin’s source was, but it wasn’t Rajon Rondo… because Rajon says the Orlando game is the ONLY game he plans on missing.

“It wasn’t that bad,” Rondo said of the injury he sustained Friday night. “I’m planning on [Wednesday]. I’m getting treatment.”

That link starts out about Kevin Garnett, and how he won’t be back until Sunday at the earliest.  Big Baby is day-to-day… although he left on crutches.

But right now our big concern is Rajon Rondo.  I think we saw yesterday how valuable he is to the team.  So valuable, you can argue he should be an MVP candidate (although I know he won’t be).

As for his back up, Stephon Marbury… Doc’s blaming himself, and the decision to start Marbury, for yesterday’s loss.

“(The coaching staff) kept going back and forth and I said to myself, ‘You have to go with your instincts.’ If you start Marbury, it may affect Paul and Ray, because he doesn’t know enough stuff to get them going. And if you start Eddie (House) you have to worry about ball pressure. My instinct was to start Eddie, and I talked myself out of it.”

He’s right about Eddie being better in the offense… but I’m ok with starting Marbury.  Who better than the first unit to teach him how to run this offense?  I’m not upset at the loss.  I’m not even upset at the turnovers.  Those are a learning process.  Believe it or not, Paul throwing the ball to no one on the wing is a good thing if you look at it in terms of learning.  That’s an ugly play, but it will teach Marbury where he should have been on the offense.  If he learns the offense a little more quickly because  of it… then it will be worth it.

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5 Responses

  1. Whats the Rush. Keep Rondo out till Friday.

  2. No rush… but if he is fine and can play… then he should play.

  3. I thought E. House should’ve started the game yesterday. He knows our sets and probably would’ve gotten to a better start if he started. Marbury is still learning our system it will take time for him to get into his groove.

    All the injury bug is really pissing me off. We still have a good chance to compete for the best record in the East but I really doubt we will catch the Lakers for overall best record.

    Damn, love to see all the guys back and healthy again. KG, Rondo, Baby, Scal, and T. Allen. PP & Ray are logging heavy minutes while we are short handed. Doc’ might have to consider playing Walker and Giddens a little more. Last thing we want is PP and Ray run out of gas going in the playoffs.

    Take a risk Doc – Don’t worry we can win on the Road. Lets hope we can get back to playing Celtics basketball going in the playoffs.

  4. Logical error: Marbury can’t “learn” much by getting thrown into games. He needs practice a lot more than playing time, because that’s where they can show him the sets, the defense, everything. He’s not gonna learn much fumbling around making mistakes in games…. well, maybe later when they watch the tapes, but it’s much more efficient to teach him in practice first.

  5. Any sprain takes 7-10 days to mostly heal. Takes at least 2-3 weeks to completely heal. I don’t know about Wednesday….

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