I Won’t Stop Until Doc Does


Yes – another post about Ray and Paul’s minutes and Doc’s inability to reduce them. We all believe these 3-4 weeks of rest for KG will pay dividends in the playoffs (provided the muscle strain fully recovers). But there’s a good chance Ray and Paul will be exhausted come May. Both played 45+ minutes on Sunday while J.R. Giddens and Bill Walker logged DNPs.

“Somebody else has to step up and the challenge for me is not doing what I did [Sunday] with Paul and Ray, that can’t happen,” Rivers said. “Obviously, that was a different circumstance because the injuries happened during the game or right before the game. It’s tough to plan for but I still want to keep their minutes down, even in a time of crisis I want to keep their minutes down. We just have to find a way to win games.”

Gerry Callahan thinks home court advantage is necessary and he pokes some fun at those calling for Pierce and Ray to rest:

They should be handled like Hummels by coach Doc Rivers for the rest of the regular season: No extra minutes in tight games, no grueling defensive assignments and, for God’s sake, no practice. Whenever they come out of a game, a team of geisha girls should be waiting on the bench to massage whatever ails them, assuring no lingering soreness for the postseason.

Home court won’t mean squat if Paul and Ray are running on rubbery, sore legs in the playoffs. Am I crazy for thinking Giddens or Walker should be playing 7-10 minutes per game? Do those minutes really jeopardize the team’s chances of winning games? Please advise me.

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15 Responses

  1. I agree! Its not like they need to be on the floor at the same time. Leave one in with Pierce and the other with Ray. Problem solved.

  2. these two catz can play!

  3. Truth is, overall, Doc’s not a very good coach now. I know, we want to believe he is. But the evidence is strong that he is not.

    Docs’ good points: great motivator, great uniter… i.e., he’s excellent at the intangibles, the interpersonal stuff. He has also shown some brilliance at scoping out opponents’ game plans and countering them effectively. And he’s quite good at drawing up plays coming out of timeouts, most of the time.

    The bad: rotations, time management, using new guys correctly, bringing new guys along so as to get them to contribute, and an over-reliance on his superstars. These are serious flaws. Even Doc himself (to his credit) has recently admitted that he has screwed up in these areas. He is so bad at some of these, that even though he SAYS in advance that he needs to change, he still doesn’t. That’s a serious sick flaw for a coach to have.

    The man got 3 superstars itching to win and to his credit, won a championship. But the truth is… he got 3 superstars! Any of us could probably have done not much worse. Having the ability to motivate is NOT ENOUGH. To be a great coach, you must be able to do it all. So far, Doc has not shown us that he is a great coach. And there are signs that he may never get there. He, like any player on the team, needs to work hard to get better.

    Of course he should play the rookies. They’ve got incredible energy on both D and O, and they’re dying to get out there. From what we’ve seen, they also have quite a bit of talent. The only problem is in Doc’s head.

  4. Gerry Callahan is a racist idiot.

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  6. He’s having trouble with rotations because 1/3 of his available rotation is injured.

    EVERY coach would have the same troubles. Look at San Antonio. Popovich is like the Bill Belichick of the NBA – the man is a coaching genius, but even he can’t do anything with Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker spending so much time on the DL this year. Look at their record. Not better than the Celtics.

  7. Play the goddam kids! I hate when Doc keeps harping on their minutes and then does nothing about it. He’s got bodies and capable ones. Give them a shot at least. If they get in, fall apart and give up a 10-0 run, pull them but at least you tried.

    But I am reminded of how i was with Gerald Green. I was always on Doc for never letting Gerald see the floor either. Apparently Gerald really wasn’t ready to be counted on because he can barely crack a rotation now, 3 yrs later.

  8. We don’t see what they see in practice from the kids.

  9. PLEASE someone explain to me how Walker (or Giddens)would make any more mistakes than Tony Allen does????


  10. If these guys were in their 20’s fine, bit they are not. They are more prone to injury

    PP even said he needs rest

    tired legs means missed shots late in games

  11. Leon and Baby (and Rondo to some extent) were in the same boat as Giddens and Walker are. They were guys who could play in the NBA but weren’t given the chance by Doc until he was forced to play them, and when they got the chance, they showed that they can perform.

    We’ve talked about this issue with Doc a lot and concluded that Doc is a great veteran coach but struggles with younger players. The 2006 team was really young and struggled with injuries, so with Doc at the helm they go 24-58.

    Walker can give this team a solid ~10 mpg. Giddens is a step or two behind Walker in his development. Doc simply needs to give his younger players a firm vote of confidence and just play them. Rondo, Baby and Leon all struggled initially because Doc scrutinized them so heavily and that shook their confidence. But when he was forced to play these younger guys, that gave them the confidence they needed to play well.

  12. Gerry Callaghan’s opinion is worthless in my opinion. Especially when it comes to the Celtics.

    As Bill said, Walker should be playing, but probably not Giddens. Take 5 of Ray’s minutes and give them to Walker, and 5 of Paul minute’s and give them to Walker as well.

  13. At least Doc admitted fault and it’s a challenge for him.

    “Somebody else has to step up and the challenge for me is not doing what I did [Sunday] with Paul and Ray, that can’t happen,” Rivers said.

    Lets hope he learned from his mistake and start to play Walker and may be Giddens from now on.

    Gerry Callahan must be having a moment fantasying about geisha girls rubbing on himself. Surprised Gerry went there.

  14. Gerry Callahan must be having a moment fantasying about geisha girls rubbing on himself. Surprised Gerry went there.
    Fsantos33 – March 10, 2009 at 10:42 am

    I’m just surprised he didn’t call them some derogatory slur and then blame Bryan Doo for the Celtics lackluster last few games.

  15. yea, pp has been saying something about this after almost every one of the last 6 games or so and he seems to be taking it easy himself on offense saving himself for d and offense only when needed which is why his numbers are high in loses

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