People Just Hate Boston

Let’s face it… people hate Boston now.  Probably a product of all the winning we do (and lines like the one I just wrote… especially when accompanied by the douchey smirk currently on my face.)

Which really is the only explanation for  someone else at FanHouse jumping to Trevor Ariza’s defense… and taking another swipe at Glen Davis.

But is this really a flagrant two foul that should warrant an automatic ejection? No, no it’s not. And if the league is going to change something like Glen Davis’ obvious head-hunting attempt down to a flagrant one, we can probably expect the same thing regarding this unfortunate (but unintentional) play from Ariza.

Funny… I thought that when the league downgraded Baby’s play to a flagrant one, they clearly said it was NOT an obvious head-hunting attempt.  Of course, let’s ignore that and keep saying what we want to say about Boston… even though Davis got not one, but TWO hands on the ball in that play.

If you haven’t seen Ariza’s play, here it is:

Let me just say…  I agree with Brett Pollakoff about his assessment of the play.  Ariza whiffed on the block attempt, caught a little of Rudy’s head, a lot of Rudy’s arm, and the play ended quite violently.  But the result shouldn’t color the intent.  Same with Davis.  Two guys… both went for the ball… neither was a dirty play.

You want a flagrant two and an obvious head-hunting attempt?  Here:

Now that’s dirty.

People are entitled to their opinion.  But C’mon… how about a little objectivity here?


16 Responses

  1. Is that Mbenga with the Lakers warmup on bumping chests with Roy? I thought black belts were suppose to be practice restraint?

    Can refs review fouls to assess whether they are flagrant 1’s or 2? I thought they did for Baby’s (maybe they didn’t), but after reviewing replays for both I would think a ref could clearly see in each case they were hard fouls with no intent to injure.

    Another suggestion- Maybe refs should stop calling fouls for the euro’s and let them feel a real foul so they stop flopping around at the first sign of contact. Had Rudy not thrown his arm up after the foul (to sell it), he may have not landed so akwardly.

  2. I HATE those biased announcers in the NBA. Here, they did not take the time to objectively assess the situation. They just jumped straight to conclusions. There are better announcers in the NBA, those who are willing to point out the mistakes of their own team as well as those of the opponent’s.

  3. Yeah, everybody hates Boston now; the price of winning (See Cowboys, Dallas; University, Duke; Yankees, New York)

  4. I think it was not dirty, but it was a rather stupid foul, considering they were down by 28 and there was no chance they were going to win that game.

  5. Both were clean plays, they were making a play on the ball. Jesus, this is starting to get as bad as pass interference calls in the NFL. Let the kids play ball, hard fouls happen, its always been part of the game.

  6. The difference between the two –

    Rudy looked visibly dazed, and short of breathe on the floor.

    Aunt Bunny got right back up immediately and ran to join the scrum with Lebron and Ilgauskus.

  7. Intent and outcome are different things, but can we rely on incompetent refs (or the league) to see that? Hasn’t it been proven that we can’t? Neither of these plays was dirty, but both looked worse than they really were. I think the BBD/AV case is different in that AV completely caused the play to unfold as it did. BBD was challenging the play hard, no question and AV was likely going to the line. But AV escalated everything else. BBD clearly went for the ball (and got it) (with both hand no less). It was AV who turned his body to shield (can’t really begrudge him that), but in doing so also put his head up in between BBD’s arms and brought the ball down to his waist, which with BBD’s hands on the ball at the time made it look like BBD was completely mauling him. Then add to the fact that AV went down like he’d been hit by (who’s the heavyweight champ these days?) and flailed like a soccer player, which everyone knows was a complete show. (BTW, I’m resisting all urges to call AV all the things I really think about him.)

    As for Rudy, most of the elements above don’t apply. While he may have known there was a defender behind him, he was focusing ahead on the rim and the foul came blind. Clearly, he was whacked up side the head. When he fell and landed hard, he was clearly actually hurt, not faking it like a little girl. Did Rudy’s arm flailing contribute to him being knocked off balance, leading to the hard fall? Perhaps, but flailing arms to sell a foul is a lot different than crashing to the floor in mock agony to sell a foul. With Rudy, I think it was just bad luck. That kind of foul happens a lot. Sometimes guys come out unscathed, sometimes they go crashing into the cameramen and sometime you land hard enough to really hurt yourself. I don’t begrudge Ariza this play (and this coming from someone who really dislikes Ariza and his “play”).

    As for how the fouls should be classified. I think it’s clear both were plays on the ball (intent) that happen to look bad (outcome), though as described above one really was bad and the other was staged. But didn’t the refs get the intent? No sir-y. Both foulers were ejected, even after review. They can’t get foul calls right EVEN WITH INSTANT REPLAY!!! Incompetent.

  8. Don’t forget Bynum nearly broke Gerald Wallaces ribs w/ a hard foul.

    Kobe notoriously elbows, bites, headbutts, kicks, grabs, scrapes anything in his way.

    But KG gets into the Cobra and everyone has a problem with that because it’s the Celtics and we’re the best.

  9. Main thing for me is that I hope everybody gives us no respect, no chance to win. Pile on, haters. Just like you did last year… everybody picking LA to win. Our guys eat that up. Last thing I wanna be is the favorite.

  10. Ariza and the way he reacted after the foul was all the proof I needed the guy clearly was looking to take him down, he wound up and went for the homerun yea he was going for the ball which was next to Rudy’s head. Lakers are classless!

  11. I am with you there Aingelives – You and I saw it the same way!

  12. I think this flagrant one flagrant two nonsense is another one of incompetent Stern’s monkey turd rules to kill the game.

  13. The real question is where are Miller’s teammates? After nobody from Memphis got in Kobe’s face after the Kobe forearm a few years ago, Miller has to be wondering why no one ever has his back.

  14. I hate how a players teammates react after their guy gets hit. They just run up to the fouler and get in his face and nothing ever happens. It just looks like guys trying to show they are a tough guy and rub themselves on the other guy. I mean, how are you supposed to stick up for a teammate? Punch the guy in the face? Nobody does that.

  15. don’t forget, kobe raped a girl too. that’s flagrant 2.

  16. The Blazers announcers are huge homers. Especially the one that said Ariza tried to hurt him on purpose. Even on the Odom flagrant last season (even though Odom jumped straight up and Roy ran into him and fell down…) he said that Odom was trying to hurt him. That guy is an idiot. And Joel Przybilla is overly cocky. He brags about winning once game against the Bynum-less Lakers by 17 and he thinks they are the best team. Does he not remember getting beaten by 20 on opening night?

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