The Best Scorer Ever?

Is Paul Pierce the best scorer in Celtics history?  That’s what’s being debated on  Globe 10.0.

I’ve heard Tommy Heinsohn call Pierce that.  I can certainly see the argument.  He’s not the shooter Bird was, but he’s definitely better going to the hoop.  Interesting debate.


15 Responses

  1. Ell, Let me tellya…. this kid Paul Pierce has been an upper-echelon player in the league for years and he’s still bein treated like A ROOKIE. He’s the greatest scorer in Celtics history yet EDDIE F. RUSH REFUSES to give him a call. RIDICULOUS”

  2. That’s brilliant… I can hear those words coming out of Tommy’s mouth. That might be a direct quote

  3. Of course he is

  4. The greatest Scorer ever for the celtics, Hands downs Bridgeport Ohio’s own “Hondo” how can you gaurd someone that never ever stops moving if there was 3 point line how many points would he have had? shoot or drive he could kill you. Also what about the black-hole, Mchale he has to be in the running I think PP is Top 10 easy, alot of times he was the only guy on the floor who could score if hondo, mchale, bird, or Parrish were the only option how many would they have?

  5. I’d love to see a statistic comparison of their offensive prowess with league pace during their tenure taken into account. That said, I’d vote yes. I’d take Pierce over Bird in a game of 1×1. Now, if it was horse…

  6. Can we just have a tie? haha. it’s really hard to determine one guy being the best scorer over the next guy. Different Eras, different rules, different styles and different circumstances.

    If I have to answer the question who is the best scorer of Celtics history….Hmm… Hondo was before my time but like Jester said what if they had a 3 pt line back in the 60’s and 70’s … hmmm….

    I grew up watching my sports hero Larry Legend he did it all triple double machine and took over games when needed to… Bird would’ve easily took the scoring record if he had to shoot 25 shoots a game but he didn’t need to because he had DJ, Danny, Kevin and Robert…. hmmm…

    Captain Pierce had to score a lot more earlier in his career because he was on bad teams and can take over games at will just like Bird did in his hay day. Is Pierce the best scorer.. hmmm

    Final answer: Pierce isn’t the best scorer of Celtics history – I would have to say “Hondo” is.. Hondo is Celtics #1 scorer by numbers. He accomplished this feat without the three point line and he also played on teams that stressed team ball. That’s hard to do.

    I would have to say Captain Pierce #3, Bird #2 and Hondo #1 of all time. Just like the scoring record as it stands.

  7. Pierce is the only Celtic great I’ve seen play (besides Toine) so my opinion don’t mean shit. But what the hell? Call him #1. Watching Pierce take over a game is a helluva lotta fun.

  8. Good point Jesteroo, so to me greatest scorer means best at scoring, not necessarily the guy with more ppg. When you absolutely, positively need a bucket, who do you want to shoot it? I haven’t seen much film of Hondo so I wouldn’t be able to say how he ranks in relation to Pierce. But as for Pierce vs. Bird, Pierce isn’t just definitely better at taking it to the hole, he’s far, far better it. No knock on Bird, it’s just that Pierce is so damn good at it. So Pierce > Bird at scoring.

  9. The only reason Hondo has so many more points is because he played forever. If pierce has this many points now, imagine how many pts he’d have if his career lasts as long as Hondo’s did

  10. Pierce may be better at taking it to the hole than Bird but I’m taking Larry if I need a bucket. His outside shooting was lethal and Bird could back anyone down and nail the fall-away jumper.

  11. I didn’t get a chance to see Bird or Hondo live, but I do think Pierce is a more complete scorer. He is stronger, has unbelievable footwork, better off the dribble, more explosive, and certainly no slouch from the outside… clearly it’s close, and Bird was the better passer with a superior IQ. But when we’re talking about straight up scoring, especially in one-on-one situations, I think Pierce takes the cake as the Celtics’ all-time most complete scorer.

  12. fsantos thx for the support here it is the officail top 5 scorers in celtic’s history accourding overwieght balding drunk guy
    1. Hondo
    2. Bird
    3. Mchale
    4. Parrish
    5. PP

    Hon Men Cousy, Lewis, White, S.Jones and Cornbread

  13. fsantos thx for the support here it is the officail top 5 scorers in celtic’s history accourding overwieght balding drunk guy
    1. Hondo
    2. Bird
    3. Mchale
    4. Parrish
    5. PP

    Hon Men Cousy, Lewis, White, S.Jones and Cornbread
    BTW I love your blog!

  14. Charles Barkley would not agree with that last statement.

  15. Pierce is a better athlete and a better scorer.. but he’s not a better basketball player than Bird. Don’t know how that makes sense, but it seems to.

    I’d draft Bird before Pierce, but I’d put my money on Pierce in a 1 on 1.

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