Marbury Starting Again

According to the Globe:

With Rajon Rondo sidelined with a sprained ankle, Stephon Marbury will start at point guard tonight for the second straight game when the Celtics face the Heat in Miami.

Coach Doc Rivers acknowledged that Marbury, who struggled Sunday against the Magic in his first start since joining the team Feb. 28, may not quite be ready. But Rivers said Marbury is getting the nod because it’s imperative to get him prepared for the postseason.


10 Responses

  1. makes sense to me

  2. yep.

    if you’re going to give starter minutes to a non-starter because of injuries, it should be to get an established veteran who is new to the unit acclimated to the team, not to give a so-far underachieving rook/2nd year player who might never amount to anything a chance to show nothing good when you’re still fighting for home court.

    Same reason doc would start Scal instead of Baby or Powe. No need to fuck up the bench rotation schedule if you have a talented vet sitting on the bench not part of the regular rotation.

  3. Makes alot of sense-if this guy is going to be someone we count on to score off the bench in May and June, he needs some burn. Burn baby burn…

  4. Nope. Should start Gabe with Marbs coming off the bench, if Steph is really not ready. Much easier for Marbury that way, actually and psychologically. And he can still get the same amount of burn. Plus Gabe knows the sets and can get the game going in the right direction (hopefully).

    It seems to me that Doc is a man with little imagination. He will play a vet because he’s a vet and so he has some confidence in him. He won’t play the rookies or Gabe because he can’t imagine that they can do a good job. Takes him too long to get these guys contributing. WAY too long. I think maybe Doc is just a mediocre coach who possesses extremely good motivational and interpersonal skills… with occasional flashes of tactical brilliance.

  5. If Marbury wasn’t starting this game, then why would we have signed him? This is one of the situations where he is hopefully going to make a positive impact on this team.

  6. I think everyone who wants to play the kids constantly wouldn’t last 2 seconds as an NBA head coach.

    You don’t see what they see in practice. If these guys aren’t playing significant minutes, it likely because they aren’t cutting it at practice.

    Rondo STARTED for a championship winning team in only his 2nd year in the league. Perk was only in his 3rd year.

    It’s not that doc doesn’t want to play the kids. It’s that the kids kinda suck, and can’t handle the big time yet, if at all.

  7. Makes sense in the long run but if this was game 7 of the finals I would start Eddie.

  8. Marbury should really take advantage of every opportunity he gets to play well. Hope to see him have a semi-breakout game. “Never Nervous Pruitt” should get some burn too. My concern is can MarMar and Pruitt get the ball to House and Allen’s sweet spots?

    I am sure MarMar watched films and saw his mistakes from the Orlando game. Learn from it and he’ll be ok. We shall see tonight.

    Any Guesses? – John, I can’t believe you left out Linda Cohn I thought she was your number 1 LOL

  9. C’mon.. Linda’s hot.

  10. What is the over/under for turnovers caused by either Chalmers or Wade? 15? Is that too low?

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