Running on Empty

Thanks to a red hot Ray Allen (24 of his 27 pts) and Leon Powe (13 of his 23 pts), the Celtics held a 5 point halftime lead over the Heat. But the Celtics came out of the lockeroom with the intensity of a girl scout troop.

Miami started hitting all their jumpers and surged ahead to a 15 point lead in the 4th. But once those shots started rimming out, the Celtics went on a 16-2 run to cut the lead to 1.

But like the Orlando game, the Celtics didn’t have enough firepower to get over the hump.

Paul Pierce (16 pts, 5-10 FG) looked like he was sleep-walking the entire game. He missed 2 of 3 free throws after getting fouled behind the arc with 35 seconds left and the C’s down 5.

On the bright side, Bill Walker had 8 pts and 2 steals in 12 minutes.

Dwayne Wade (32 pts, 9-20 FG) hit some clutch shots in the final minute. But what really killed the Celtics was the 5 other Heat players who scored in double figures.

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After the jump, the only reason why you’d care about the Sixers-Raptors game.


21 Responses

  1. Most disturbing stat of the night: JR Giddens DNP. If Doc’s not going to play him when the Celtics suit only ten, then he should have been shipped out to clear up a roster spot for someone who would at least get a chance to contribute on the court. Since he wasn’t shipped out that means Doc should play him, at the very least in situations like this. What is going on? Would Doc leave him on the bench and go 4 on 5 if 5 of our 10 had fouled out?

  2. He’d play JoJo before Giddens. You have to give Ray and Show credit-they carried us. But we did come out lame in the 2nd half. Did they all take some Ambien in the locker room or what..? Hopefully a home game vs the Grizz will cure our ills. It usually does for most teams. I also will enjoy watching OJ Mayo-that kid is very talented.

  3. Even if Doc Rivers help the Celtics to win another championship, I honestly think he isn’t all that great of a coach…

    Sometimes I just have that feeling he doesn’t know how to use his players properly. It drives me nuts.

    Giddens not playing EVEN WHEN WE ONLY HAVE 10 ACTIVE PLAYERS…

    That’s just one of the concerns I have with Rivers.

  4. Thank God we got Stephon!

  5. First, let’s give the refs their due. Whether the Cs win or not in these low-roster times is mostly in their hands. If they call a very tight game — like this one in Miami — it’s going to be very hard for us to win. Here’s why: Obviously, our firepower is way down with all these guys out. To win, we must rely on our D (for which the team does not need superstars, just hard work and the great plan Thib has set up). If the refs are calling every touch a foul (like they did for most of the first half and randomly throughout), we’re pretty much dead… we can’t play our game (D).

    And Doc really seems lost out there. At one point, it was Gabe and Steph on the court together. Huh? We’ve got two point guards left on the team and they’re BOTH playing at the same time? WTF?!!??

    And not playing JR at all is weird, as people have already noted. It’s almost like Doc’s throwing pasta at the wall, trying to see what sticks. No real plan. No balls.

    Steph was pretty bad, have to say. Keep waiting for him to break out, but it’s not happening yet. Makes ya wonder… (And why, pray tell, were so many of his passes bounces today? Wth??)

    Despite all these problems, we still could have won this game if Paul had not sucked this time out. (Ok, and if Miami had missed some of their hero shots at the end.) Maybe he’s thinking ‘Hell, I’m beat. Everybody’s on vacation… wtf, I want some time off too!’

  6. I think we should give Marbury a little more time. The guy hadn’t played in a year before he came to the C’s.

  7. I’m surprised I’m not seeing even more ref outrage than normal. This was a travesty of a game. Wade is treated like a made man, untouchable, can maul you but can’t be breathed on when making a move. I could go possession by possession through the entire game, but I’m already too pissed.

    Isn’t anyone else pissed? The frustration is really starting to reach a boiling point with me and I hope it is with the team as well. I feel like it is. Game after game getting shafted by the refs. Fighting hard with a depleted lineup. Having everyone come in trying to take a shot at you. Doubters thinking you’re not the same as last year.

    When guys start coming back, especially KG and Rondo, it’s going to be like five shots in the arm. I mean full-on pressure cooker explosion, looking to just destroy opponents from tip to buzzer. I can’t express how anxious I am for the playoffs to start and watch this team take 82 games worth of frustration out on the league. It’s going to be beautiful. No adjusting to playoff ball in the first two rounds this time. No no. Bat out of hell, nuclear explosion from the opening tip of the first game. I think we’re going to see a demolition with Wade, Howard, LeBron and Kobe all getting just steamrolled, annihilated and again I CAN’T FREAKING WAIT!!!


  8. REFS REFS REFS – DOC DOC DOC – Ain’t it getting old?

    Can’t we put some blame on the players? Coaches set up the game plan and expect the players to perform. The Refs are who they are and what we think they are and it is what it is. We can’t change the refs.

    Blame the Players stop it with the Coach and the Refs

    Marbury – Fucking scoreless (Blame whom?)

    Pierce Sleepwalking (Blame whom?)

    House scoreless in the first half (Blame whom?)

    Giddens DNP.. Hmm do you really think he would have been the game changer? (Don’t think so)

    We are missing one of the big 3 KG, a fantastic fourth Rondo, Mr. energetic The Beast Baby, Mr. Redness Scallie, and Tony A. Keep That thought… Our injuries are catching up with us and minutes piling on Captain Pierce and Ray Ray are catching up too.

    Lets get our missing 5 back in time for the playoffs then we’ll be alright.

    All due respect – This is how I feel about it and I make no excuses.


    Go Celtics!!

  9. Yes the refs are getting old…and more senile then ever!

    I agree that not talking about the refs would be great but they continue to make themselves a factor at times, not only for the games Celtics play but the entire league. If the Donaghy scandal didn’t help fix the obvious reffing problem I guess nothing will.

  10. Fsant– You’re right, some of the players didn’t step up tonight. But the refs ALSO SUCKED… it is their management of the game that made it so hard to win, EVEN WITH some our guys not playing their best. And Doc ALSO SUCKED. So what, we’re supposed to ignore all that? Well… come to think of it… yeah, you’re right… what the fuck, the refs are hopeless and it’s pointless to complain. But on the other hand…

    Jason– just want you to know, some of us have ranted and pissed blood over the refs for a long, long time. Hell, I’ve posted rants about how the NBA conspires to fix games to keep the competition close, etc. Who the hell knows. What we do know is that the refs are a cancer at the heart of the NBA. Personally, I can say this: if not for the Cs, I would not watch or attend any NBA game, because I think the whole enterprise is rotten to the core. But the Cs keep me glued… for now. It won’t last, I know that… maybe just until the big 3 retire… maybe. Then, or maybe sooner, the NBA will have counted it’s last dime from me.

    And I think you can multiply that by a couple of million other pissed-off fans…

  11. i dont have a problem with wade getting all the foul calls, maybe because its he 6-4 and when he gets hit by a guy it looks probable that his shot might have somehow been impeded by the opponent

    but i hate when lebron who is 6-8 275 steamrolls into the lane and gets a touch foul

    i however hate when referies call a close game for the c’s and a close game in general

    and if you want a perfect example of superstars get calls other guys dont rewatch the lakers rockets game that was played tonight

    if both players hit eachother on the arm kobe would have to hit von wafer 3 times harder to get a foul called on him

    and yao and big baby get fucked on the most calls in the league….. by a lot

    the third guy on that list is not even close

  12. 40 friggin’ minutes for Ray and Paul… how I hate Doc…

  13. Stop the complaining about Doc you selfish pricks..please? waaah he didnt play JR giddens..THATS BECAUSE JR GIDDENS SUCKS AND ISNT READY TO PLAY..waaah 40 minutes for paul and ray…LETS SEE YOU DO A BETTER JOB WITH HALF YOUR TEAM OUT, and in a race for homecourt (which I think we ultimately have no shot at after last night)..

    The season is slipping away, the refs continue to call the games in the opposing teams favor every single night, whether we’re home or away (actually been worse at home lately) …for a while I thought this would stop and the refs would get back to calling the games even…well thats clearly not going to happen…and we got no chance.

    Oh and im on record as saying this team will not win until rondo is back and healthy…so im not exactly suprised

  14. As defending champs I think we need to play for the long run and not for home court. Champions overcome the psychology of the road. Not the physical fatigue of being 30+ and playing a season full of 40 minute games. Count me among the “selfish pricks”

  15. From the outside looking in, it would appear that the Celtics are crumbling and their fans are too! Boston = fail

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  17. Baron– Question: How do you know JR sucks? Certainly not from seeing him play.

  18. I actually liked a lot of what I saw in last evening’s game, and I think with minutes, Marbury will get a shot back and stop making the sillies and be a great asset in the playoffs…if we make it. I think Doc’s mind is being pulled in many directions, and his greatest motivator is wanting to win. That’s why he won’t/can’t limit the minutes. The fans are OK with not winning if it means a stronger team come playoffs. Doc needs to take the emotion out of his decisions and put in a little logic.

  19. Lakeshow I know that is what you are hoping but it is not true. We have about 5 players injured and KG and Rondo should be back soon. Order will be restored.

  20. We are short handed and doing the best with what’s available. I don’t like Doc burning out Ray & Paul but then I generally don’t like Doc as a coach anyway. He’s a nice guy but the big three do more to lead the team then he does. The Celtics future risies and falls on the strength and health of the big three. I think we’ll be fine come playoff time and you gotta love the way Pauly and Ray are battling right now, it show’s HEART and that is what will prevail in the playoffs.

  21. I love it: 2 losses and we are already “crumbling” again. The only thing we should be worrying about is A) Pierce and Ray both play under 40 in the next two games and B) We get our guys back. Nobody would win with the amount of injuries the Celtics have sustained, for Lakers fans, this is the equivalent of Bynum, Odom, Ariza, Farmar, and Powell being out. For Cavs fans, this is the equivalent of M. Williams, Gibson, Varjao, West, and Pavlovic being out, along with LBJ being slightly injured. The good thing is, most of these injuries are only temporary.

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