Call Me Corny…

…but I loved those “One Shining Moment” montages produced by CBS after the NCAA basketball title game. The dude who created it just passed away, but I’m sure the highlites will live forever. For the record, I hated when they brought in Luther Vandross to sing.

As for my One Shining Moment – I dropped 24 pts (including a clutch steal and free throws with less than a minute left) in a first round adult rec. playoff game back in 1995. It’s quite possible some of our readers were about 4 years old at that time.


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  1. Damn, the guy singing made the whole montage really corny. :P

    I’m not a fan of college basketball (to me, college basketball is like a three point shootout contest) but I can say that I did have a One Shining Moment in high school, when I was playing soccer at the Finals and we were tied 2-2 and there was only a minute left.

    I managed to steal the ball from a defender and ran the ball down the side. Another defender tried to slide tackle me from the side, but amazingly, I managed to lift the ball up with my foot and jump over his attack (I still remember it ahhhh… crowd was cheering…). I continued to run down the side and I looked up and saw my teammate open at the middle and I made a PERFECT pass to the middle and he made a PERFECT header right into the goal.

    Even though I didn’t score, that is one of the sweetest assists I’ve ever done and it really mattered in the end.

    It felt great…

  2. Not corny, One Shining Moment is one of the best parts of the tourney!

  3. Well maybe not four at the time, try nine haha chuck

  4. You want a shining moment/I’m old moment:

    In my junior year in high school, I blocked 9 shots to set the school record…… back in 1989.

    Yep, 1989.

  5. Wow, redsarmy, that’s the year when I was born. :P

  6. Ouch

  7. Feb 1994 hit 10 3pointers on the way to 50 in division 2 city tournment I was 24 and it was my one shining moment. Also droped 2 dimes hehe.

  8. july 99 summer rec League 39 points including 3, 3 pointers, Drank an 18 pack of easy drinking busch light, and hooked up with 2 chicks (both between 6’s-8’s) that night at differant times. One shining moment

  9. that’s a shining life for some people

  10. June 1984, my junior year, I got into the Principle’s daughter’s knickers in the parking lot, during the graduation ceremoney where her boyfriend was being crowned valedictorian. I still get misty when I thnk about it.

  11. Don’t feel old John, back in 1989 I was a freshman in HS – Tried out for our Freshman basketball team and didn’t make the last cut – Our team had 12 white dudes excluding myself. “One heartbreaking moment”. It haunts me till this day.

    Chuck getting a little sentimental today with “One shining moment”. LOL

    Without cheating – Can anyone remember off the top of your head how far did the Celtics go in the playoffs back in 1989?

  12. Is that the year they got knocked out by Charlotte?

    My real shining moment had to be my first game in Greece. 13 points. Not a bad debut.

  13. Is either the Zo buzzer beater or the Mark Price Cavs don’t really remember.

    How many teams did you play for professionally? Greece huh, heard is pretty nice there.

  14. Just one. Not exactly a long or notable career…. but it was a career nonetheless. And Greece is awesome. Sometimes I wonder why I left.

  15. To start up a multi-billion dollar blog with your college pal and maybe hire me as your VP of Sales and Marketing for a couple a mill a year? or the toilet paper (no Flushing) thing they got going on over there, made me want to leave. but hey 13 as a pro not going to impress megan foxx but Shining none the less.

  16. John – Did you travel to Scotland and show off your Celtics jersey to the Celtic Football fans lol probably get beat up.

  17. Anyone stayed up late enough to watch the Huskies vs. Orangeman “6 OT” Game? Goddam!

    I am sure Ray Ray is pissed off about the outcome.

  18. reds..I was a junior in high school in ’89 too-don’t feel bad.

  19. I was in the womb in 1989.

    I”d just like to say that the Uconn vs. Cuse game tonight was officially the best basketball game I’ve ever seen. Simply incredible.

    As for my one shining moment….. I’d say being the first caller on redsarmy’s first call-in show would have to be that moment.

  20. Tim? Better than….. “And there’s a steal by Birddd over to DJ…. Bird stole the ball….” Oh man, that happened in 87′ sorry excuse my old Cetlics ass.

    When did Reds had the call in show? That was before I started here.

  21. It’s something we used to do but haven’t had time to do. I keep saying we’re going to bring that back…. but it’s hard to coordinate schedules.

  22. i was 9 in 1995.

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