Accentuating The Positive

Ok, so things aren’t exactly going the way we want them to.  Some people, like John Hollinger, seem all to happy to focus on the negative… like the Celtics 22-14 record since Christmas.

But I’m a positive person.  The Celtics are only 2.5 games behind Cleveland, and they’ve hung around despite injuries to key players and the addition of two new guys.  And since we’re being positive today, here’s the positive spin on a few more things involving the Celtics right now:

  • Stephon Marbury

When Sam Cassell came in, he was just gunning like mad.  Stephon could have done the same thing, but he’s actually trying to fit in.  And isn’t that what we were worried about?  Don’t look at the short term results.  I’m ok with negative results in the early stages of a positive thing.  It’s like a little kid learning to shoot correctly with one hand after spending their whole childhood shooting that 2-handed push thing.  If they miss shots but used proper form, I’m happy.

The point is, if Stephon is missing shots because he’s trying to run our offense and do the right things, I’m happy.  It’s not about him making shots today.  It’s about him making shots a month from now.  He’ll get comfortable soon enough.  And once he does, things will start falling.

  • Injuries

KG’s injury wasn’t a case of any structural damage to his knee.  So this is basically an extended vacation that will benefit KG in the playoffs.

Brian Scalabrine is going to come back from what really could have been a career ending situation.  Really, what’s more positive than that?

Rondo and Davis are only missing a week with minor ankle sprains.  We’re going to go into April with a full squad, and hopefully some rest.

  • Home Court

This isn’t last year.  I hear blowhards yapping all over the place about how we should look at last year.

When has last year ever had a bearing on this year?  And even if we look at last year, wasn’t part of the story line by the end of the playoffs how the Celtics finally figured things out on the road?  The Celtics won games in Detroit and in LA… closing out both series in 6 games.  I thought that answered the questions.

But apparently not.  People want to focus on whatever makes their argument.  Forget that the experience gained from that will only make the team better.  Forget that they sorted out their roles late in the playoffs and actually won on the road.  Forget all that.  You want to be all doom-and-gloom.  You shouldn’t be.

  • Kendrick Perkins

The fouls are still a problem, but people aren’t talking about how he’s broken his habit of bringing the ball down.  And did you know he’s scored double digits in every game this month?

Yes, progress has been a bit slow with Perkins, but he’s making progress.  He’s become more of a threat offensively and a pretty good post defender.  He’s still got things to work on, but his hard work to correct some big things should be recognized.

So smile, Celtics fans.  Sure, it would be great to catch Cleveland, but it’s not the end of the world.  The Celtics are fine, and they’re only going to get better.  The rest of the league, and some people around Boston, might be in a hurry to start counting us out… but that’s a big mistake.

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11 Responses

  1. Well Done! People forget that Perk is still young he’s only 25. He’s not even close to his prime yet.

  2. If the Fakers continue playing like yesterday night, no positive fact will be enough for us. I’m starting to think there’s nothing to do.

  3. Simple solution for you ThatGuy: Stop watching the lakers games, and stop worrying about them…stop caring how theyre playing…or remember back to last year when the celtics were struggling against the hawks and cavs in the playoffs while the lakers stormed through “the best conference ever” only to get punked by the celtics in the finals

  4. Interesting – Spears wrote an article on Ray Allen’s great free throw shooting. He must have read the Patriot Ledger article from Tuesday.

  5. I agree Baron, It’s funny how people always get so yipped up on the Lakers, they are a great offensive team built for the regular season, but there is no way they can grind out a 7 game series against the celtics in the playoffs when they are healthy. I don’t even think they will be able to beat the spurs or jazz when fully healthy.

  6. […] my partner’s best attempts to lift my spirits, my confidence in the Celtics to repeat remained shaky. But that all changed once I read Jon […]

  7. It’s difficult to stay positive when we have five guys out of the lineup. Looking forward to have our full squad back in April. If we can’t get home court advantage so be it. Critics and media are dying for a LeThong vs. Douche-Kobe final we can’t let that happen.

  8. Perk is the man. That kid is going to be a monster if he can develop his short jumper. By the way, is reporting that Rondo is going to play tonight..

  9. Hollinger using 22-14 as data is BS, a complete violation of using arbitrary end points to fit a conclusion. If I were to arbitrarily choose an end point, too, say after the 2-7 skid, then then Celts are 20-7. Gee, doesn’t seem so bad anymore does it? I can further manipulate the data I choose to remove (because of injuries) the 3-4 record they have since the recent loss at the Clippers. Now, the Celts are 17-3. Man, let’s give them the trophy now with a record like that.

    It would be just as bad to choose just their two long streaks to say the Celts went 31-0 as it is to say they’re really bad recently by choosing a point just before they hit a rough patch. FWIW, I emailed Hollinger to the same effect.

    The full season is a grind. They’re displayed utter dominance most of the season. They’ve shown a little less energy on some nights. They’ve dealt with more injuries than last year, particularly all at once recently. They’ve taken everyone’s best shot (including the refs’). Healthy, they’re still the best team in the league and if you factor that the defensive intensity that admittedly has waxed and waned throughout the grind, will be in full force once the playoffs come around, especially with KG back, then I really don’t see too much to worry about.

    I’m on board with the Ray Ray and PP playing time concerns, but only a little. Wins are important. Not giving up games you can win is important. Once the seeding is clearer, I think Doc (and I’m not Doc apologist) will rest them the last week in preparation for the first round. Then in the first round, expect blowouts and a quick series, meaning, plenty of more rest. All the meanwhile, KG’s resting and many valuable guys are getting valuable playing time.

    I’m glad we’ve got a posting here accentuating the positive because I do think, despite many recent sentiments, the Celts prospects are far more sunny than gloomy.

  10. injuries…

    what about TA?

  11. My only gripe with Perk is all the Moving Screens. Besides that – he’s been fantastic all year.

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